Edward Handley, CEO, Hills & Ranges Private

A Reliable Partner in the Addiction Recovery Journey

For people struggling with an addiction, the road to recovery is often long and grueling. It’s a journey filled with many ups and downs, thrills and chills, and most of all, a leap of faith into a world of joy and possibility. At times, it can be scary, exhausting, frustrating, overwhelming, and lonely. It takes a great deal of courage, determination, and most of all constant support to let go of the old habits and live a life in sobriety. To provide that constant support and guide people on their addiction recovery journey, Hills and Ranges Private (HARP), a luxury and voluntary rehabilitation facility in Australia came to the forefront. With its luxury facilities set in a tranquil location in Melbourne, it offers one of Australia’s most successful high-end detox, recovery programs, drugs counseling, recovery coaching, and holistic AOD services to help people recover effectively and sustainably.

Soaring To Great Heights from Humble Beginning

It all started when two industry veterans, Edward and Raia sensed a lack of high-quality, luxury care in the mental health industry, especially in Victoria. As a result, HARP came into existence. The company began its journey with a three-bedroom chalet in Olinda and now, it has expanded to 12 beds across two locations in the Dandenong Ranges. Harp has experienced a growth of over 100% in as little as 24 months. “We believe this is due to the luxury element we provide. At HARP we combine clinical and therapeutic treatment under one umbrella, removing the white walls and lab coats with the best clinical practitioners still available to you from facilitators, counselors, psychotherapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and general practitioners all balanced out with holistic providers such as personal trainers, massage therapists, nutritional specialists, and beauticians,” asserts Edward, the CEO of HARP.

Focusing On Re-Establishing Overall Health and Wellbeing

HARP offers a safe and comfortable haven for those who seek treatment for substance dependence, anxiety, depression, or addiction issues. Its individual treatment plans are tailored to each client, alongside counseling and psychology. Its secure facility is perfect for the professional client who seeks high-end and discreet addiction treatment whilst continuing to run their business in a safe and pragmatic environment.

Raia, COO, Hills & Ranges Private

The rehabilitation process at HARP often begins with a mental and physical evaluation of the potential patient. The specialist at HARP assesses the severity of addiction to better understand what types of treatment and therapies the patient will need. It also employs a physical activity program that is second to none in Australia. It provides more than a 12-step program, focusing on an ongoing, multi-layered treatment program in support of healthy detox and recovery. “At HARP, we focus on the psychology behind the triggers for addiction through a CBT/DBT focused process. A patented 5i© Curriculum takes clients through a self-paced curriculum that focuses on trauma events, behavioral issues, and character areas that require attention and provides them the tools and resources to create positive change,” affirms Raia, the COO of HARP.

Redefining the Standard of Addiction Rehabilitation

While most rehabilitation centers mirror the routine and monotony of school: lectures, step-by-step programming, and regimented rules around a cycle of eating and sleeping, HARP believes in actual, long-lasting change. By incorporating a vast array of physical activity into the recovery process, it reprograms the dopamine and endorphin stimuli of patients and supports them in finding the right approach towards a new beginning. Besides its health and wellness program and high-end counseling run by its diligent team that understands addiction, the key aspect that sets HARP apart from the rest is its natural setting and engagement with nature. The firm believes that engagement with surroundings is the key to living a physically and mentally healthy life. “Ensuring education around addiction and recovery is widely accessible for everyone, HARP as a company will set a new standard of what rehabilitation from addiction looks like, providing the most up to date information around addiction and recovery from both medical and psychiatric standpoints and adding a layer of holistic wellness as an approach and luxury as standard,” opines Edward.

Moving into the future, HARP aspires to continue pursuing excellence and expand its facilities and abilities while eliminating the stigma associated with addiction “HARP would like to not only expand our inpatient facilities and increase the capacity but also create an online platform that would work for addicts, families of addicts and professionals working in the industry by providing a safe community to remove the stigma attached to addiction. It is time we start treating the addiction as a disease and not as a moral failure,” concludes Raia.