Edmund Ng, Director, ISRC

Established in 2010, ISRC Pte. Ltd is a trusted safety and standards consultancy and training partner. The company provides consultancy and training in ISO standards and Workplace Safety and Health (WSH). With more than a decade of industry experience, the ISRC team provides valuable insights into projects, meeting the most stringent statutory requirements and international standards. Most significantly, together the team helps an organization to achieve the highest standards in safety and performance.

Initially, ISRC started with a small group of like-minded petrochemical experts who gathered together and observed the benefits of uncompromising safety and quality control practices in their industry. They envisioned sharing that level with all other enterprises and began conducting face-to-face consultancy and training allowing them to understand the unique needs of each organization on a more individual level.

Soon, the team realized that each client’s unique requirements were unique; ISRC began developing customized training based on their wealth of knowledge in highly-technical applications. They developed specialized solutions which fulfilled niche and high-grade applications for engineering and laboratory environments.

Edmund Ng, Director of the company shares, “Over time, word began to spread not only of ISRC’s know-how but also of the pride they took in getting things right. Multi-national Companies, leading research & educational institutions, and Government bodies spoke up about ISRC so often that started to get many well-established organizations interested.”

Since then, ISRC’s tireless go-getter attitude has won over the hearts of giants such as the National University of Singapore, Changi General Hospital, National University Hospital, Sony, Singapore Power, A*STAR, and Changi Airport Group to name a few. This has resulted not only in one-off projects but long-term business relationships that continue to ensure improved performance and safety at all levels of the enterprise. With over 12 years of experience, the company continued to conduct research and development into its consultancy & training services and one of which is the development of the in-house capabilities for medical and laboratory safety. Companies will be able to tap onto their expertise to implement effective processes and achieve ISO certifications such as ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, ISO 13485:2016 (Medical Devices – Quality Management System), SS620:2016 Good Distribution Practices for Medical Devices, Laboratory Management System and Licensing Services, etc.

A Systematic Approach

With a mission to enable workforces to safely perform their best and achieving best of class standards, ISRC is a leading ISO Management System Training & Consultancy service provider. The company offers a wide range of courses to equip people with the right attitudes, skills, and knowledge of safety standards.

ISRC has successfully assisted many companies & organizations both big and small to achieve ISO certifications. The company strongly believes that the ISO system will expand its client’s capabilities, achieve good efficiency and produce good results for the company. “Our consultants have many years of working experience in the laboratory. They are familiar with the equipment and safety requirements, thus able to provide technical advice and support,” asserts, Ms Wong Ming Ming, ISRC Principal Consultant. She adds, “We can also design and deliver customized training programs, with curricula and training materials that meet your learning objectives as well as broader organizational goals.”

ISRC studies every case and assigns its subject matter expert to lead the team. With its knowledge base resources and a systematic approach, the company provides innovative solutions, and value-adding and helps clients to understand their needs better, achieve high safety standards, and achieve good safety performance. The team serves with integrity with the sole aim to deliver beyond expectations.

Ms Wong shares, “We work closely with our clients to achieve success in obtaining certification and most importantly, making the system work for your organization.”

Envisioning Success

By improving each step of the way, currently, ISRC stands ready to cover new ground in the next age of quality and safety assurance. The company is constantly challenging itself and innovating by using technology to improve its processes. Working with like-minded clients and partners, it aims its home to expand in-house capabilities in other fields. ISRC is constantly training and upskilling its consultants and introducing new concepts and best practices to the clients.

“Ever prepared, ISRC has pre-emptively tested and refined remote monitoring sensor systems, digital training methods, and even a proprietary site-monitoring mobile app—all to ensure and even enhance both safety and quality in the pandemic-affected business landscape,” concludes, Edmund.