Yoshi Tyler,Owner & CEO Kai Medical Laboratory Web

Yoshi Tyler,Owner & CEO Kai Medical Laboratory

Today, diagnostic tests play a pivotal role in healthcare. Especially in current times when the never-heard-before diseases are cropping up at an unprecedented pace, early and accurate diagnostic has become more critical than ever for accurate clinical decision making. This raises the need for reliable diagnostics services providers that truly align with medical ethics and global standards. One holistic diagnostics laboratory that has surpassed all these expectations with its extensive clinical expertise, state of the art instrumentation, preeminent testing methodologies, and laboratory services is Kai Medical Laboratory.

Located in the heart of the medical district in Dallas, TX,Kai Medical Laboratory is a high-complexity CLIA and COLA accredited Laboratory thatprovides reliable and accurate testing solutions to hospitals, medical clinics, pharmacies, and employer groups.It offers a wide array of testing services ranging from hematology to hormone testing, endocrinology, toxicology, and immunology. These tests are done under the supervision of its well-qualified and highly experienced scientists, medical professionals, and pharmacists.

“Kai Medical Laboratory is inspired by science and built on integrity. Our mission is to change healthcare through science & innovative quality care by providing value-added services, accuracy, and consistency.  Our unwavering commitment to quality compliance and scientific innovation elevates Kai Medical Laboratory to a new standard in healthcare,” says Yoshi Tyler, the owner, and CEO of the company.

Taking an Active Role in COVID-19Testing

Currently, as the outbreak of COVID-19 sweeping through the globe, Kai Medical Laboratory is bringing its best effort to battle against this deadly virus through RT-PCR testing and serology testing. While the RT-PCR test identifies if a patient currently has an active virus, the Serology or Antibody test detects if a patient has previously been exposed to the virus. Both of these test results together are vital to managing outbreaks and the potential spread of the coronavirus.

To further assist with COVID-19 testing, Kai Medical has also developed two key programs in partnership with Arizona. The first program is a direct-to-consumer program that leverages the ability of various healthcare providers to order and administer both the RT-PCR test and the Antibody test. This increases the ability of the general population to be tested, in certain circumstances. The second is an Employer COVID-19 Compliance Program (ECCP) for business owners and employer groups to enable them to test and monitor their employees. 

“As a small business, Kai Medical is sensitive to the massive impact that this pandemic has had on other small businesses. The more we can educate small businesses on how they can safely monitor their employees, the sooner they can get back to opening their businesses, giving their customers a comfort level to start re-patronizing these businesses that might not be viable otherwise,” explains Yoshi.

Delivering Accurate Testing with Fast Turnaround Times

With all the challenges and uncertainty that surrounds COVID-19, the importance of turnaround times cannot be understated. One extra day of an infected person not knowing that they are contagious can cause exponential harm. Thus, Kai Medical emphasizes on providing fast and accurate test and analytical results followed by advanced patient care. Kai Medical offers tests that are generally performed by larger reference laboratories and those samples need to be sent out of state to be tested. But despite these limitations, Kai Medical is able to generally offer 24-48 hour turnaround times for the majority of the tests it offers. Having a strategic partnership with leading organizations across the country, the company is able to provide additional direct-to-consumer resources for patients that are compliant with the almost-daily changes to testing guidelines imposed by various state and federal agencies.

“We have had countless experiences with patients who have been sent from site to site and are unable to get tested, who have received a test that is not indicated for the background information they have reported, or are tested by someone who is not associated with a high complexity lab,” shares Yoshi.

A Seasoned Leader behind Kai Medical’s Success

The driving force behind Kai Medical Laboratory’s remarkable growth and success is Yoshi Tyler. Since childhood, Yoshi had a passion for being an entrepreneur, and overtime, she found her true calling in healthcare. Driven by this interest, she pursued her career in the healthcare industry for more than two decades. She helmed leadership positions at a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company for over thirteen years. These leadership experiences provided her with in-depth knowledge and industry insights that helped her to lead Kai Medical Laboratory towards growth. The curated acumen and exemplary expertise of Yoshi have played a pivotal role in the success story of the company.

Fostering a Collaborative Work Culture

According to Yoshi, creating a dynamic and collaborative culture is vital to the success of any organization. Thus, she strives to maintain a cooperative culture and family atmosphere where each team member genuinely cares for each other and work together towards a common vision. Working through the hard times including the pandemics, the passionate team at Kai Medicalcelebrate good times and support each other towards their goals. This leads the organization towards quality, excellence, impressed customers, and ultimately a higher likelihood of profit with minimal mistakes. 

“We have all come a long way over the past few years personally and professionally, and the vicissitudes of the laboratory industry have tested us, as I’m sure they have tested others.  The hard times that we have endured have brought us together and made us stronger as a team,”asserts Yoshi.

Keeping Clients Needat the Forefront

Apart from its quality laboratory testing, another key attribute that sets Kai Medical apart from the rest is its unwavering commitment to deliver excellent customer service through clear and concise communication. Its accessibility and customer service gives its clients a more personal touch than larger reference laboratories.The client-centric company focuses on expanding its test menuto offer diversified services across the country to meet the current demands of today’s healthcare needs.This ability to adapt to the customer needs makes Kai Medical a reliable testing solution provider in the US.

“If a new drug comes out and we need to test for it, Kai Medical can design a test to meet those needs. The laboratory that we started 3 years ago is not the same laboratory that we will have 3 years from now,” says Yoshi.

Helping To Fight the Pandemic

Speaking of the future goals, Yoshi adds, “Ultimately, changing our healthcare system through accessible diagnostic laboratory testing is going to be a challenge. But what we strive to achieve, with many other laboratories on this list, is to help as many people as possible throughout this pandemic and what will follow during this upcoming flu season.” Unfortunately, in light of recent events, COVID-19 restrictions are here to stay for the foreseeable future, and businesses must be able to adapt to stay open. Thus, open data sharing and better algorithms are going to be vital to better understand this communicable disease and keeping the economy open. Kai Medical is motivated to address these challenges and have identified opportunities to create a better healthcare system through its ECCP and direct-to-consumer programs. With its testing programs, scientific staff, and overall mission to help as many people as possible, Kai Medical is poised to be an essential laboratory in 2020.