Joseph Mercorella, CEO, Lumary

As the disability and aged care sector continue to deal with a range of changes, many service providers operating in this space struggle to improve their efficiency. With funding obligations and regulatory changes, it becomes quite challenging for them to provide the best possible service to the people who need care. Also, most of the organizations in this sector still rely on the conventional operating model and thus spend a lot of time and resources in the mid-level activities and manual admin tasks. This ultimately impacts the standard of care people receive and the overall effectiveness of the organization. 

Hence, to solve this operational inefficiency and thrive in the cost-competitive and regulatory-heavy environments, they need innovative and efficient technology solutions. And this is precisely where Lumary, a leading technology company comes into the picture. Lumary provides a preeminent cloud-based platform that optimizes the business processes of the disability and aged care providers so that they can spend more time providing quality care. It also assists healthcare organizations to meet their specific funding and regulatory requirements.

“Better wellbeing is possible through technology and that’s what drives us here at Lumary. We have developed a complete healthcare platform that is sustainable, scalable, adaptable, and economical,” says Joseph Mercorella, the CEO at Lumary.

The Beginning of Lumary

Lumary began its journey when two industry veterans Joseph Mercorella and Matthew English identified a growing need for advanced software solutions in Australia to meet the industry’s requirements at a national level. In 2013, the Australian government introduced the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) for better managing healthcare service delivery for people living with disabilities by necessitating control over price, product, quality, and compliance. However, this new funding model presented a new set of challenges to the people operating in the disability space. There was a reduction in funding and overall operating expenses and a greater need to revise and create improved operational efficiencies. The elderly care sector was also facing similar challenges that could only be addressed through a competent technology solution. Realizing this, Joseph and Matthew decided to fill this gap and thus founded Lumary to empower health and wellbeing organizations to provide better care and improve the quality of life of the people they serve.

In 2015 the early stages of the Lumary product went into development and soon it attained a unique edge in the market. After a few years, the Lumary platform managed around $750 million in funds spent in the NDIS for FY19 and this marked the beginning of the success story of the company. Since then, the company has been consistently offering innovative solutions to improve the operational and financial efficiency of healthcare organizations. With its customer-centric care and contract management solution powered by the world’s number 1 SaaS cloud platform in Salesforce, today it stands tall as a pioneer in the industry. 

“The success of the Lumary platform is built on the breadth, depth, and adaptability of the core care management solution and Lumary’s ability to identify and partner with the best providers of supporting services,” states Joseph.

Helping Customers to Grow and Thrive in the Industry

Lumary supports healthcare service providers to transition from their current state of technology interoperability to a single technology platform specifically focused on healthcare. Powered by the security, flexibility, and integration capability of Salesforce, its software solution automates complex business processes. It also facilitates collaboration between patients, families, and their support network to enable 360-degree connectivity and maximize their effectiveness. Moreover, it has created a true purpose-built, API enabled, and integrated system to deliver healthcare providers a holistic engagement model of consultation, implementation, and managed support services. In order to ensure that organizations maximize the benefits of their software solution, Lumary offers continuous tech support and assistance throughout their digital transformation. Over the years, it has helped several healthcare customers to easily scale and grow while expanding their offering to help more members of the community.

Today, as the world is grappling with the coronavirus outbreak, Lumary is continuously supporting its customers to not only survive but thrive with no disruption in their healthcare services. Lumary made it possible for organisations to support their workforce to be operationally mobilized, efficient, and compliant due to the advanced cloud technology of their healthcare platform, so their customers could continue to provide vital health services, even during this global crisis. 

Attributes that Differentiate Lumary

Many of Lumary’s competitors are not cloud compliant and still rely on outdated systems which lead to massive inefficiencies and wasted resources. While on the other hand, Lumary offers the most trusted and secure cloud-based infrastructure to its customers through Salesforce and facilitates compliance, governance, security, reliability, and automation. Its custom-built solutions empower its clients to meet the requirements of health insurance schemes while saving time and valuable resources. Lumary not just builds operational specific applications but also looks at the whole healthcare ecosystem and provides tech solutions for all key stakeholders to connect collaborate and operate more efficiently and accurately. 

While Lumary’s success lies in its ability to deliver best-in-class technology solutions, what truly differentiates the company is the commitment of its team to deliver value-centered service to its customers. The energetic, agile, and passionate team at Lumary works collaboratively to create technology that is purpose-driven for the well-being of their wider community. 

Continues Bridging the Gap between Healthcare and Technology 

Moving ahead, Lumary aims to further push the boundary of innovative and targeted digital technology to improve healthcare. Meanwhile, it is also planning to expand its global footprint to impact the health and wellbeing of communities worldwide. 

Delineating on Lumary’s future goals, Joseph asserts, “We want our industry-specific digital solutions to reach healthcare organizations on a more global level, so the wellbeing of more communities can be positively impacted.”

“When healthcare service providers adopt world-class, interconnected, and agile tech, they are able to transform the standard of the services they offer as well as drive patient engagement and empowerment,” he concludes.