Mary Tucker

Mary Tucker, CEO, Upic Health, LLC

Entrepreneurs who bring transformative innovations and ideas to the table can solve the pressing needs of the healthcare sector. Not only have they brought new advancements to the sector but have also improved the accessibility and affordability of healthcare solutions and technology. One such exemplary entrepreneur that has been transforming the landscape with her state-of-the-art market-specific solutions is Mary Tucker, the CEO of UPIC Health.


Tucker started her career in the corporate space with a national healthcare provider that operated under the ACA (Affordable Care Act). During this time she realized the scope of patient experience, admin, and technology and the role it is going to play in the access and reimbursements arena. Impelled by this thought, Tucker launched UPIC Health – an establishment that provides a space for meaningful engagement in healthcare by bringing technology and human connections together.

UPIC Health is powered by women who desire to make a difference in society and answer a higher calling. Through the company solutions, they help others to be happy and awesome! Tucker and the company have been experiencing an incredible journey since its inception in 2014. Her steadfastness and cognizance have helped UPIC Health to considerably grow in people, process, and technology over the years. Under her guidance, the company gradually matured to become one of the best in the industry with the lowest attrition rate and a consistent Press Ganey score of 90. The company boasts of 50 years of combined experience and offers enterprise-level best practices to deliver exceptional patient services.

“Our strengths are our employees,” says Tucker. Despite earning $21M in the last 7 years, they have always focused on improving the skills of our employees. This approach has brought UPIC Health closer to their mission of being a one-stop shop for their clients to handle their patients, manage all administration processes including revenue cycle, and receive surgical consent through video and post-surgical triage.

Client Oriented Approach

When it comes to defining the company’s growth, Tucker owes it to their clients. She stays grateful for the fact that they have grown solely through referrals. UPIC Health serves their clients with abrupt responsiveness and that has made them stand out from their peers. “Our goal is to make our clients feel as though we are just down the hall and respond to urgent issues upon receipt,” shares Tucker. This has helped the company to build deep trust and lay the foundation for a long-lasting and strategic partnership. That being said, Tucker is a decisive personality leader who never compromises on the company’s values, regardless of the dollar value a contract may bring. Putting her employees first, any client whose ideologies and approach to partnership misaligns. if they don’t share the same ideology. Moreover, the company has also downsized their team to rebuild themselves for better growth and the future.

“Our greatest purpose is to help clients to simplify their processes as much as possible in order to create more meaningful engagements with their patients,” explains Tucker. “As a result, our clients view us as critical extensions their operations.” The company helps their clients to align their technology and programmatic initiatives with the needs of their patients. The company’s mission is to help their clients to open access to their care and enjoy brisk reimbursement timelines while offering a one-stop-shop space.

The visionary in Tucker put forward an initiative in 2020. A non-profit named ‘My Care Village’ was piloted to provide free telehealth coaches who are additionally trained in trauma and addiction support, a naturopathic doctor, and a clinical psychologist. Within a span of two years the scheme garnered great results at half the cost of behavioral health clinical specialists. As the company continues to scale, Tucker plans to advance telebehavioral health services, filling critical gaps in mental health care support.