Martine Feriand, President & CEO, Mercer

A striking 87% of organizations acknowledge that the well-being and safety of their employees represent the foremost peril to their operations. This concern arises from the persistent risk posed by communicable diseases, including pandemics, and the imperative to address the escalating rates of heart disease, cancer, and mental health challenges. Alongside these concerns, employees grapple with mounting workloads, constant flux, and an inadequate work-life balance, which elevates the risk of burnout. Moreover, the recent tumultuous period marked by war, environmental disasters, political upheaval, and soaring inflation has only added to the complexity of employees’ lives, impacting their physical, social, emotional, and financial well-being. Consequently, employers are compelled to reevaluate the significance and value of their benefits, actively seeking innovative approaches to foster both business growth and talent development.

This is precisely where Mercer, a renowned global consulting firm specializing in employee well-being programs steps in. With a profound understanding of the critical issues faced by organizations, Mercer has consistently demonstrated its expertise in crafting comprehensive and impactful strategies that promote the physical, mental, and financial well-being of individuals within organizations. Through its innovative solutions, Mercer enables companies to cultivate a culture of wellness and engagement, while simultaneously enhancing employee productivity and satisfaction. At the forefront of Mercer’s healthcare initiatives is its comprehensive Health and Benefits practice. By combining data-driven insights, strategic consulting, and cutting-edge technology, Mercer enables organizations to optimize their benefits programs, ensuring they align with both business objectives and employee needs.

A World Leader In Workplace Health And Benefits

Mercer’s holistic approach to healthcare and benefits spans a wide range of areas, including health and welfare consulting, wellbeing programs, absence and disability management, retirement and investment solutions, and employee communication strategies. From designing competitive and cost-effective health plans to implementing digital solutions that enhance access and engagement, Mercer empowers employers to create a culture of well-being that supports their workforce’s holistic health.

What truly sets Mercer apart is its unwavering dedication to delivering tailored solutions that align with the unique goals and challenges of each client. With a global network of experts and a vast array of resources, Mercer offers local expertise with a global perspective, enabling organizations to navigate the complexities of healthcare and benefits on both domestic and international scales. Mercer’s deep industry knowledge and global reach enable them to provide strategic guidance on topics such as healthcare cost management, healthcare reform, and employee engagement. Mercer’s impact on healthcare and wellness extends beyond organizations. The company actively contributes to shaping public policy, advocating for effective healthcare reform, and fostering meaningful partnerships with healthcare providers and industry stakeholders. “Wherever you are on your journey to a globally consistent, locally relevant benefits program, we meet you there. We build a program that’s right for you, your people, your industry and your locations,” affirms Martine Ferland, the President & CEO at Mercer.

The Prolific Journey of Mercer

From its very genesis, Mercer has placed the welfare and future of people at the forefront of its mission. As the firm has adapted and grown over time, its fundamental purpose has remained unchanged: to have a meaningful impact on people’s lives. Today, with a global presence spanning 130 markets, Mercer empowers organizations worldwide to create a brighter future for their employees.

Its journey began in 1945 when William M. Mercer, Ltd, emerged as a leading provider of actuarial and benefits consulting services in Canada. In 1959, Mercer joined forces with Marsh McLennan, reinforcing their shared commitment to prioritize client needs. Recognizing the power of data, Mercer embraced analytics and modelling in 1995 to help refine employer approaches to hiring, promoting, and compensating their invaluable assets—their people. As a pioneer in responsible investing, Mercer was called upon by the United Nations in 2006 to contribute to the development of its Principles for Responsible Investment. Promoting gender equality became a focal point for Mercer in 2014, with the release of its influential When Women Thrive research conducted by its Inclusion and Diversity consulting practice. Today, Mercer forges ahead, seizing new opportunities that align with its mission to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. “We’re an industry leader in health benefits programs, but we think and act like a challenger to deliver the best solutions for your people,” opines Martine.

Values That Influence Mercer’s Success

As a renowned global leader in consulting, Mercer upholds a set of core values that exemplify their dedication to building brighter futures for their clients, colleagues, and communities. Embracing inclusion and diversity, Mercer is committed to fostering a workforce that celebrates differences and nurtures a culture of belonging. It prioritizes the visibility and representation of diverse talent in leadership positions, talent pipelines, and recruitment processes, while also providing a safe space for all employees to ask challenging questions and foster personal growth. Additionally, the company is deeply invested in making a positive social impact, engaging its workforce in efforts to build resilient communities.

Through partnerships with nonprofit organizations, global volunteer initiatives, and matching individual charitable giving, it empowers its employees to support causes and social issues close to their hearts. Furthermore, sustainability is a key pillar for Mercer, as it assists clients in meeting their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. “Helping our clients meet their environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals aligns with our purpose of making a difference in people’s lives. Through our ESG commitments, we actively contribute to Marsh McLennan’s journey to net zero, carbon neutrality and pay equity transparency,” asserts Martine.

Continues Fostering Healthier, Happier Workforces Globally

Building upon its 150-year legacy of enabling client success, Mercer has emerged as a leader in navigating the ever-changing landscape of technology and societal challenges. Mercer’s vision extends beyond mere profitability, focusing on securing better futures through initiatives addressing critical areas such as cyber risk, societal well-being, protection gaps, and climate resilience. Upholding values of integrity, fairness, consistency, and transparency, both in internal operations and client interactions, Mercer demonstrates its commitment to meaningful change. “At Mercer, we believe in building brighter futures. For over 75 years, we’ve provided trusted advice and solutions to build healthier and more sustainable futures for our clients, colleagues and communities,” adds Martine.

Through its innovative approach, comprehensive range of services and unrivalled industry knowledge, Mercer is set to shape a new era of employee well-being, fostering healthier, happier, and more engaged workforces worldwide.