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EHR solution providers have been gaining traction over the past few years. Their solutions have improved diagnostics and patient outcomes and have mitigated the complexities in the healthcare sector. However, the rise of EHR solution providers has brought a challenge as well: Stiff Competition.

Today, choosing the right EHR solution provider has become a difficult task. As most of the EHR solutions providers offer different solutions, medical healthcare professionals are confused over whom to choose from the pool of companies. This occurs as most of the healthcare professionals don’t know what factors to consider when choosing the EHR solution provider.

While choosing the EHR solution provider, two factors have to be given more significance over other things: Customer-Service and user-friendliness. My client Plus, a EHR solution provider in the U.S, provides top-notch EHR solutions that are easy to use and manage. Also, as the name implies, the company is a customer-centric service provider, with the sole focus on helping customers streamline their practises.

Founded in 2006, the company has been building the best EHR that helps mental health providers provide the best care possible to their patients. Over the past years, thousands have trusted My client Plus to keep their information secure and streamline their practises.

Incredible Customer Support

When the whole world is embracing the concept of virtual assistants, My client plus still chooses to take the traditional path when it comes to customers services. The team at My Client Plus work around the clock to help their customers get most out of the platform. “Real People are behind the phones and Computers at My Client Plus. We are here to help whether it’s via phone or email,” says Founder, My Client Plus. In addition, the company also offers perfect EHR for practise with integrated billing capability and over 200 note templates.

My Client Plus is famous for its user-friendly solutions as well as customer-service. Customers get a host of benefits including eliminating paper works tasks by uploading files directly to client records, staying organized by electronically attaching intake forms and insurance cards to client files, digitizing client health records and many more.

By using My client Plus solutions, customers can electronically bill both primary and secondary insurance companies, accept credit card payments,  track client, and insurance payments,  generate client invoices and do many more. In addition to these services, the company also provides over 200 therapy note templates for a variety of healthcare providers. “We have created our own programming language to quickly create note templates as new requirements, treatments, or specialities arise so you can focus on your patients instead of getting caught in your paper works, “tells CEO. Since My Client Plus solutions are user-friendly, customers get the power to control their accounts and get a lot of other benefits such as  conducting HIPAA-complaint video conferences, send and receive secure messages with file attachments, automatically email disclosure forms and many more. With all these features and innovations, My Client is growing at a accelerating speed, with no signs of declining. With the exceptional team and top-class services, the future looks bright for My Client Plus.