Net Medicare

Net Medicare is a telemedicine portal created to respond to the new needs of doctors and patients. The Bergamo team that created it intends to make the patient-doctor relationship easier, supporting various needs, such as situations in which travel is difficult, for various reasons. 

With Net Medicare, patients can get a medical consultation with a video call. Registration with Net Medicare is free for the patient who pays for the visit when he identifies the professional of his interest. Everything is managed by a technology that ensures confidentiality and effectiveness of the service. The idea, to the group of doctors who first joined Net-Medicare, came from abroad, especially the USA and Australia, where these tools are more common.

There are multiple advantages guaranteed by Net-Medicare to small and medium-sized medical centers and professionals who want to offer their patients a professional telemedicine service, without having to rely on platforms that do not guarantee privacy and data protection (such as instant messaging apps or portals for video calls, widely used in lockdown).

The Net-Medicare portal makes it possible to dematerializing outpatient activities, putting doctors, psychologists, nurses, and patients in contact through a secure and safe television system. Through single access, the doctor can manage the agenda connect with patients while exchanging documents and managing invoices digitally. In Net-Medicare, the doctor can obtain fundamental documents from the patient, such as informed consent in an immediate way, thanks to the digital signature; payments are guaranteed and managed in a structured way, with the direct issuance of invoices. Furthermore, the system can be integrated with the site of the Health Center or of the individual practitioner, thus appearing to be a platform owned and not “rented”.

Developed with white-label technology to allow complete customization of the dedicated page, it can be changed in colors, texts, and logos by those who join the portal, making the platform a branded branch of the doctor’s office.

Net-Medicare, reports a note from the company, “complies with the ministerial indications to provide health services remotely established by the SSN when it approved the use of Telemedicine and is in compliance with the privacy legislation established by the GDPR and to have obtained the declaration of conformity of the European Union.”

Using Net-Medicare the patient can carry out a consultation remotely: whether from abroad or in any case from a distant place, the use of Net Medicare avoids physically going to the doctor. The technological evolution and the choice of development of the platform guarantee the total protection of health data, as well as the exchange of diagnoses and reports that remain exclusively between doctor and patient. Also, the payments are made with an encrypted system that protects them from possible fraud.

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