Nir Erez

Nir Erez, Founder & CEO, Trial-In Pharma Ltd

Within all the subfields of healthcare, cancer is one of the most serious concerns. Cancer is a very serious and ugly business. A cancer patient’s body behaves abnormally and usually requires external medical intervention to fight the disease. Oncologists (doctors specializing in treating cancer) only have a few limited options to treat cancer patients like surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and personalized medicine. This is very noticeable when the cancer has spread in the body or is located in very sensitive organs like the brain on in cases of rare types of cancers that have no treatment guidelines. These methods are often very expensive and excruciating for patients and there is no guarantee of successful outcome.

Within cancer treatment, ‘time’ is a very critical and sensitive matter. There are much greater chances of a patient recovering from cancer, when he or she receives good quality treatment, quickly and early. In this way, the adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ has always been a timeless guiding principle for treating illnesses as well as taking care of our health and well-being.

‘Mr. Nir Erez’, the CEO and founder of a unique medical company specializing in cancer, understands the nature of cancer and its treatment very well.He has devoted all of his professional life to the treatment of cancer, first by working with an internationally leading pharmaceutical company and then through his own company. He’s also personally experienced the pain, grief and difficulty within cancer treatment. His very own mother was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, but after four years of gruelling treatment, she unfortunately passed away. Two years later, he discovered a new drug having 15 times greater success rate for the same cancer his mother suffered from. This was a great failure because she could have had the chance to live longer with much better quality of life, but no one properly knew about this drug. This strongly motivated him to help cancer patients avail new forms of treatment and thus increase their chances of longevity.

Tracing Mr. Nir Erez’s Professional Development

Mr. Erez graduated from the renowned Weizmann Institute of Science studying organic chemistry. In 2003, he began his career working with Roche Pharmaceuticals within the oncological department. Slowly and steadily, he learned about cancer, its various types, the common ways it develops, standard treatment protocols and the latest drugs. He acquired broad professional knowledge, know-how and met many Israeli oncologists and opinion leaders from around the world.

In 2006, Mr. Erez lost his mother after a four-year-long struggle with cancer. Her oncologists provided her with standard protocols with just 1 to 2% success rate, without considering other possibilities. But years later, he discovered a new cancer drug trial, which could have prolonged her life and give her good quality of life as well. This drug was declared as a breakthrough drug by the FDA, because in early studies it provided 15 times greater outcomes, with minimal side effects and recently it was approved. He thus realized that innovative treatments like this can greatly benefit patients in their fight against cancer, well beyond conventional treatments.

Being passionate and committed, Mr. Erez worked hard to find ways to help similar patients through his very own business. Thus, ‘TRIAL-IN Pharma’, a unique cancer service company enabling access to innovative, investigational and advanced cancer treatments, was born.

Guiding Cancer Patients to the Best Treatment Possibilities

“We navigate cancer patients towards survival and longevity far beyond standard treatments. We have developed an algorithm to help senior oncologists to identity the best investigational and innovative treatments for each patient according to the unique medical condition, tests and history,” Mr. Erez says.

TRIAL-IN Pharma provides innovative cancer treatment options, proven to have much better chances of successful results. They are a team of senior oncologists, with extensive working experience as well as expertise in cancer clinical trials. They inform patients about innovative treatments from thousands of clinical trials and compassionate-use drugs from around the world that best match their specific medical condition and history. Though they are located in Israel, they have been supporting hundreds of patients.

Today, the company is the only company performing a unique, personalized search to reveal innovative possibilities within cancer treatment, for each patient .Their senior oncologists examine extensive medical information to identify the best treatment for each patient. By collaborating with an international network of medical centres, clinical trials, researchers and pharma companies, they help their patients receive state-of-the-art treatments. On top of it, the company provides ongoing professional guidance and support to patients and families all the way and for as long as needed.

TRIAL-IN Pharma specializes in treating patients with stage IV cancer (cancer that has spread to different organs in the patient’s body), rare forms of cancer and cancers of aggressive forms such asbrain tumours. To add, the company takes care to consider other vital aspects of successful healthcare like off-label drugs, case reports as well as obtaining drugs from vast distances to save patients the need to travel.

Along the way, the company ensures to provide services, in a very humane manner, treating their patients and their families with care, empathy and compassion. “You really want to know what our real special USP is? We care, we do not want patients and families miss opportunities under the radar. Basically, we do not give up on life,” Mr. Erez states optimistically.

Creating the Next Chapter within Cancer Care

TRIAL-IN Pharma’s services are rooted in a sincere desire to give hope to cancer patients, by practically showing that there is progress and innovation within cancer treatment. The company started with just one oncologist, but over the years they have grown into 17 senior oncologists, serving patients around the world. “TRIAL-IN Pharma has great business potential to develop in many areas on top of our current activity which can still reach the sky and beyond. I love what I do and the disruptive cancer care we bring to the world,” Mr. Erez shares with enthusiasm.

“Be emphatic, show compassion, always do your best and stay loyal to your inner voice and values. Smile and be nice. Give with no return when you can. Do to make a change when you can and smile all the way!” Mr. Erez advises today’s youth.