OCHA Home Health

Adis Perez, President & CEO, OCHA Home Health

Imagine the plight of a patient, fresh out of surgery, struggling to cope with pain and forced into a cycle of frequent hospital visits for necessary follow-ups. Or picture an elderly individual once strong and self-reliant, now, grappling with the challenges of ageing, their days marred by medical appointments and complex treatment regimens, overshadowing the warmth of their own home. In the backdrop of these poignant scenarios lie countless stories of families juggling careers, household chores, and the emotional burden of ailing loved ones. In such a world, where healthcare often means sterile hospital rooms and hurried appointments, OCHA Home Health emerges as a ray of hope, offering personalized care and support where it matters most—right at home.

Adis Perez, the visionary leader behind OCHA Home Health, recognizes that medical care goes beyond just treating the physical symptoms. She emphasizes the importance of treating each patient as a unique individual with their own stories, preferences, and needs. By providing comprehensive, holistic and personalized support in the comfort of their own homes, OCHA aims to restore a sense of normalcy and dignity to their patients’ lives.

A Journey Inspired By Personal Calling

The remarkable odyssey of OCHA Home Health can be attributed to Adis’ personal experiences and her deep-seated calling for caregiving. With a lineage of medical professionals in her family, the passion for healing was etched in Adis’ DNA. Her journey, however, truly commenced when she relocated to the USA from Cuba in 2007 and joined her aunt’s home health agency. This is where she witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of home care. Shortly after, her mother, battling breast cancer, also joined her in this journey, intensifying the need for care and rehabilitation within the confines of their home. This experience emphasized the value of home care as a source of solace for families and a catalyst for patient well-being.

Unfortunately, Adis lost her mother in 2009. But this personal loss kindled a newfound purpose in her life—one firmly rooted in community support. Adis’ mission became clear – to provide exceptional home care for the unwell, being a constant presence for patients and a pillar of support for families managing the complexities of home care. In the early months of 2010, Adis took the leap and established “Freedom Nursing Services,” but differing perspectives with a business partner eventually led to the closure of the venture shortly after achieving Medicare certification. Around the time of August 2010, she connected with OCHA. By 2013, she took full ownership by acquiring her partner’s share, wholeheartedly committing herself to nurturing and advancing “her brainchild,” OCHA, a Medicare Certified and CHAP Accredited Health Agency located in Miami.

A Comprehensive Approach to Holistic Well-being

Anchored by three pivotal pillars—Non-Skilled Services, Skilled Nursing, and Rehabilitation, OCHA’s holistic care paradigm adeptly addresses the multifaceted needs of patients. Its Non-Skilled Services encompass a broad spectrum of support, including aiding with activities of daily living, companionship, medication reminders, and household tasks. By establishing a secure and comfortable environment, these services empower patients to focus on recovery and daily routines. Concurrently, the dedicated team of skilled nurses at OCHA offer specialized medical care, including wound management, medication administration, and treatment for acute and chronic diseases, alongside personalized health assessments. This vigilant medical attention results in improved health outcomes and timely interventions. Additionally, OCHA’s personalized rehabilitation programs, including physical and occupational therapy play a pivotal role in restoring patients’ physical and cognitive capabilities. Together, these services form a comprehensive care framework, prioritizing not only physical recuperation but also emotional and psychological well-being. “Our aim is to instil independence, empowering patients to actively engage in their care, make informed choices, and uphold an enhanced quality of life within the familiarity of their homes,” elucidates Adis.

The Essence of OCHA: Opportune, Care, Holistic, and Approach

The essence of OCHA, standing for Opportune, Care, Holistic, and Approach, is intricately woven into the very fabric of care services offered at OCHA Home Health. These four integral components seamlessly blend together, forming a comprehensive approach that encompasses Prompt Interventions, Regular Evaluations, dedicated caregiving, Medication Supervision, support for Emotional Well-Being, personalized Tailored Nutrition Guidance, Individualized Rehabilitation, and a strong emphasis on Family Engagement. “The fusion of Opportune, Care, Holistic, and Approach aspects constitutes the bedrock of our care philosophy, fostering well-being, autonomy, and an elevated life quality for our patients,” adds Adis.

The OCHA Home Health Umbrella: A Symbol of Care and Shelter

The umbrella, prominently featured as a part of OCHA Home Health’s branding icon, embodies the essence of safety and refuge that define the company’s commitment to its valued clients. As Adis aptly explains, “Much like how an umbrella shields individuals from the rain and sun, Ocha Home Health is committed to safeguarding the well-being of its clients, providing a secure and protective environment right in the comfort of their own homes. And, just as an umbrella offers comfort during a rainstorm, OCHA’s icon reflects the peace of mind and reassurance that clients can find in the company’s dedicated services.”

Beyond this, the umbrella also embodies the company’s resolute mission – to help clients navigate life’s trials with resilience and strength. OCHA’s dedicated team is wholly committed to helping clients surmount health-related challenges, providing the requisite care and guidance at each step of the journey.

Empowering Patients with Healthier, Happier Lives

OCHA Home Health’s patient-centric approach has touched numerous lives, showcasing their unwavering dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of those they serve. One such story is that of Mr. Zamora, a legally blind elderly Afro-Cuban man struggling with hypoglycaemia and multiple health issues. Living alone without any assistance, he faced frequent falls, and health complications that led to recurring hospitalizations. Upon being contacted by his previous home healthcare agency, OCHA stepped in. They performed a thorough evaluation; recognizing the urgency of his situation and helping him navigate complex healthcare resources. Despite initial challenges, OCHA began providing 2 hours of daily HHA service at no cost. With their determined efforts, Mr. Zamora eventually gained access to long-term care programs, daily HHA support, meals, transportation, and essential benefits.

Another poignant story is that of Mrs. Torres, a 55-year-old Hispanic woman with complex medical needs, including quadriplegia, a peg tube, tracheostomy, and oxygen dependency. After four years of hospitalization due to malpractice, she returned home under OCHA’s attentive care. Despite challenges with insurance coverage and bureaucratic obstacles, OCHA Home Health rallied to ensure she received the round-the-clock nursing care she needed. Even when Mrs. Torres needed to see her primary care physician but required advanced life support transportation which insurance didn’t cover, OCHA stepped in, covering the transportation cost. With their unwavering commitment, Mrs. Torres continued receiving 24-hour nursing care until her last day. Through these powerful accounts, OCHA exemplifies its commitment to not just care, but holistic life-changing advocacy, ensuring every individual receives the dignity and support they rightly deserve. “With Ocha Home Health, clients can rest assured that they are in safe hands, receiving the highest level of care, support, and protection to lead healthier and happier lives,” affirms Adis.

Prioritizing Employee Growth and Well-Being

Besides patient care, OCHA Home Health also places a strong emphasis on the growth and well-being of its employees. Thus, it strives to cultivate a supportive environment by promoting work-life balance, facilitating continuous learning, offering career advancement opportunities, encouraging mentorship, and recognizing exceptional performance. Central to their approach is creating a workplace where employee well-being and professional advancement are not just ideals, but integral parts of the organizational culture. The organization goes beyond, implementing wellness initiatives like fitness activities and health screenings to ensure holistic employee wellness. It also places great emphasis on the Feedback Loop which provides an avenue for valuable insights from employees.

Lending a Helping Hand to the Community

OCHA Home Health’s motto, “Lending a Helping Hand to our Community,” isn’t just words – it’s a guiding principle embedded in every facet of their operations. The organization demonstrates its commitment to community welfare through inclusive, tailored care reaching all corners of the community. By actively engaging with local events and initiatives, they collaborate with community partners, underlining their dedication to the community’s overall well-being. Furthermore, OCHA’s ethos revolves around educational empowerment, equipping both patients and their families with the knowledge necessary to make informed health decisions. Beyond medical care, they offer holistic assistance, guiding people emotionally and building strong support systems in tough times. With compassion at their core, they always seek ways to refine and elevate their services based on feedback and evolving needs while advocating for better healthcare access.

Expanding Horizons and Elevating Care

Looking ahead, OCHA envisions a future deeply rooted in its mission to serve those in need, especially the elderly community. They understand that we’re all headed in that direction and believe in treating others as they would like to be treated in their golden years. Over the next two years, OCHA aspires to further expand its reach to more Florida counties and extend its services to other states over the next five years. Meanwhile, it also plans to continue nurturing its staff’s knowledge. “We take education very seriously, We believe that if we provide top-notch education to our staff, they will transfer that knowledge to our patients and their families, and this translates to decreased hospitalization rates and reduction of other risks, leading to a healthier, happier life while remaining independent and safe where we all feel best at, HOME,” concludes Adis.