Leo Mac Canna

Leo Mac Canna, CEO, Ocuco

Ocuco has been recognized asthe Healthcare Company of the Year 2021 in the Optical Lab Software Vertical for its revolutionary Lab Management Software (LMS), Innovations. 

It is undeniable that an efficient LMS forms the backbone of a high-functioning optical laboratory. It must achieve a high degree of quality, accuracy, and operational efficiency to be truly effective. 

Innovation integrates every aspect of lab management into a modular, flexible and comprehensive package to support, streamline and advance businesses. It is scalable in design allowing small to large labs to benefit from its functionality while reducing costs, eradicating inefficiencies, and increasing revenue generation. Currently, Innovations is used in more than 2,700 labs around the globe and 5 of the top 10 US optical retailers operate/work with the system – an impressive resume indeed. 


Innovations: The Most Comprehensive and Versatile LMS on the Market 

Ocuco officially entered the LMS market in 2008 with the acquisition of Innovations. Ocuco’s CEO and founder Leo Mac Canna explains that the Innovations’ acquisition was part of a strategy to expand the company’s footprint in the USA. “Innovations however turned out to be much more than a trojan horse: it is a fantastic piece of software. Additionally, the IP and the team behind Innovations have driven huge improvements in our retail offerings while becoming technology leaders in the Lab business,” explains the CEO.

Created by leading lab professionals in the industry, Innovations soon became the world’s most popular Optical LMS with the ability to offer complete customization, maximum productivity and real-time data analysis. Extremely versatile and adaptable to any lab configuration, Innovations can be installed on one PC or multiple workstations. Additionally, it integrates with all OMA (Optical Manufacturers Association) compatible equipment. From the smallest lab to the largest freeform wholesaler, Innovations is scalable with no upper limit on production capacity, perfect for any expanding optical lab.

Innovations has exclusive modules including Workflow Monitor, Production Scheduler, Inventory Management, Electronic Ordering, Accounts Receivable and Pricing, Lablink and Electronic Ordering and Master Lens Database (the world’s most comprehensive lens database with more than 3.5million SKUs). Additionally, it has unique features such as Rules Engine, interactive reports and integrations with third-party applications which gives it the leading edge in the market. 


“Ocuco has been a trusted partner of Zenni Optical. Following a smooth implementation of the Innovations LMS in 2014, we have continued to receive excellent technical support from the Ocuco team. As a result, we are happy to recommend Ocuco and the Innovations LMS to industry peers.”

Julia Zhen, Zenni Optical Founder & CEO


Pioneering Software Solutions for the Optical Industry

Ocuco was founded in 1993 when Leo Mac Canna developed a software called Optolink for an eyecare smartcard application targeted at independent opticians. Though the smartcard idea was not that successful, Optolink, which was designed to capture clinical and dispensing information, proved effective. Over time, its functionality extended into optical retail and marketing, and it merged with a company that had developed an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system for ophthalmologists. Subsequently, the software was redeveloped, unifying the two product sets under a single architecture, Acuitas, and the company was rebranded, Ocuco.

Today, Ocuco stands tall as a pioneer of software solutions for the ophthalmic retail and lab markets. Its flagship products and solutions include:

  • Innovations
  • Acuitas – An eye care Practice Management Software suite that includes Point of Sale, Practice Management, Marketing, EHR and marketing software solutions for eyecare professionals within optical retail and ophthalmology clinics.
  • OmniChannel Solutions – Ocuco’s OmniChannel solutions deliver a consistent experience across all touchpoints of a patient’s in-store and online journey. Solutions include: Optical Websites, eCommerce, Virtual Consult, Virtual Try-On (VTO), WebDiary, Online Catalogs, and Digital Marketing services. 

The Key to Ocuco’s Success 

Undoubtedly, the success of Ocuco lies in its ability to offer efficient and flexible software solutions for the optical industry. However, what truly differentiates the company is its customer-driven philosophy and passion for technology and the optical world. 

The company’s achievements come from its highly driven team of professionals with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for advances in the optical world. Employees have a deep understanding of Ocuco’s products, knowledge of the optical industry and the local markets. Additionally, Ocuco invests heavily in continuous education, training, and professional accreditation to help its employees maximize their potential. 

Fostering a Customer-Centric Culture 

A strong set of core values drive Ocuco’s work culture: Engineering Excellence, Professionalism, Flexibility, Commitment, and Integrity. Upholding these core values, the team at Ocuco work relentlessly to improve its standards and exceed customer satisfaction. In this era of chatbots, most businesses are focusing on offering digital customer service to save time. Ocuco however, believes in providing a high-level of personalized service and human interaction. It ensures that its customers always get a representative at their service to address their needs.  

“At Ocuco, we try to provide excellent customer service by listening to our clients. We are always going beyond what would be standard customer service and support. Consequently, we get great engagement and feedback from our customers daily and at events we organize, such as our Innovations User Group Meeting which takes place annually in Florida,” explains Leo.


Ocuco Aims to Play a Significant Role in the Eyecare Industry

Looking at the future, Ocuco believes that cloud-based systems are here to stay. Thus, it is focusing on leveraging this technology to further enhance its products. 

Delineating on the long-term goal of the company Leo adds, “Ocuco indeed will play a significant role in the eyecare industry as a pure technology company. Our long-term plans include consolidating Ocuco globally as a reference in software for the eyecare industry.”