POMS Corporation

Patrick Nazzaro, President & CEO, POMS Corporation

Today, the Pharmaceutical industry is booming with many predominant players in the market. Many companies are embracing the changes the world throws at them and are creating a niche in the sector. POMS Corporation is one such company that is committed to improving the effectiveness, competitiveness, and compliance for regulated manufacturers through technology. The company delivers proven, world-class manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions that integrate seamlessly with other enterprise applications. POMS is a vertical market software company that only focuses on GMP Regulated FDA life science manufacturers and provides an MES for life sciences.

The Outset of POMS Corporation

The company was initially formed in 1987 as INCODE Corporation with a consortium of life science companies (J&J, Pfizer, Abbott, Merck, IBM, and others) defining the product. With a vision to standardize computerized systems and requirements for Food and Drug Administration FDA regulated life science companies that manufacture drug products, INCODE was transformed into POMS Corporation which now includes more than 25,000 users across 20 countries, making POMSnet Aquila one of the most widely used electronic batch record software in the healthcare industries including pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, cell and gene therapy, medical devices.

Patrick Nazzaro, President and CEO of the company says, “The biggest challenge faced by the company is increased regulation and compliance for drug manufacturers each year and providing a software system that is flexible to future-proof for growth.” The company innovated continuously and in the early 2000’s redesigned the platform to POMSnet, a Web-based, comprehensive, configurable, out of the box application that is deep and wide in standard customer specific configurability, and later jumped to support cloud hosting in 2017 before other competitors.

The company also helped meet the challenges of Pharma and Biotech by adopting an agile software release methodology over the past 4 years, with two major releases a year averaging 70 new features and functions per release. POMS has also supported Pharma 4.0 by being the first to web-based, first to cloud-based proven, and continuously adding 4.0 technologies into its POMSnet Aquila MES application which is mobile-ready and touch screen enabled. 

Customer-centric Approach to Validation

POMS has created a POMSnet Validation Kit that provides all the validation for the standard product necessary for customers to quickly install, validate, and produce drug products. Customers using the kit have experienced an 80% reduction in validation lead resources and time in an MES Implementation project while still satisfying FDA regulations.

Pharma, Biotech, and Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturers prefer the POMS delivery method as they can expand and deploy to new sites on their own without the need for expensive consultants or requiring the vendor to continue to provide resources. Patrick asserts, “Our product is a reflection of the enhancements and functionalities that our customers have asked us to include in the product. We have a formal process for customer enhancement requests that tracks each request and notifies the customer of when their requests are released into the product.” He adds, “We can turn around validated software faster than any of our MES competitors, leveraging our 35 years of partnering with customers to build POMS into what it is today.”

Future Roadmap

POMS is dedicated to helping Pharma, Biotech, and Cell & Gene Therapy Manufacturers achieve efficiency and improve compliance for pharmaceutical and biotech GMP manufacturers through innovative software solutions.

Talking about the future, Patrick shares, “Our next technology innovation to our POMSnet Aquila MES is complementing our web-based application with a mobile app for smartphones, which we’ve dubbed ‘POMSnet Volare’. All the same data as is available in Aquila, but in a form-factor tailored user experience.” POMS also aims to provide access to GMP Data in the hands and devices that the customers use throughout the day in POMSnet Falcon. POMS  also aspires to make manufacturing production and compliance even faster by enabling GMP manufacturers to achieve Review-By-Exception and Release-By-Exception quicker and easier. As POMS customers are leaders in their market segments, they continue a symbiotic relationship that delivers the technology solutions of tomorrow, today.