Reasons to Invest in Telemedicine

Today it is more than proven that companies that invest in the well-being of their employees tend to increase their productivity. For this reason, corporate health is an issue that must be dealt with far beyond a mere obligation of the company, but also as a strategy to improve the quality of life of employees, create a healthy environment and, consequently, improve business performance. 

And, being a healthcare leader, are you investing right in the health of your teams? In this post, we have separated some benefits of telemedicine, and how telemedicine has facilitated people’s access to medical care. Want to understand better? So, check the text to the end!

Discover the benefits of telemedicine

Providing comfort and safety for everyone 

There are those who say that the biggest benefit of investing in teleservice relates to comfort, both for patients and doctors. It is an argument that makes a lot of sense since telemedicine tools allow people to consult from their own homes. While thinking about the number of people who need to go to other regions to be served, this is the guarantee that patients will be able to be assisted from where they are. Just Internet access and that’s it, a process done! 

In times of coronavirus, distance services also play a big role: allowing the health sector, at least about basic processes (prescription of drugs, monitoring, consultations), to not stop. In this way, it is possible to keep professionals and patients served in isolation, but without jeopardizing a procedure that has been scheduled.

Less costs and time optimization 

The current pandemic has certainly impacted your institution’s budget, right? Telemedicine can be a good alternative to mitigate costs, as well as optimize the work of those who struggle against time to serve the population. In the first direction, remote supervision does not require as much infrastructure, which reduces a series of expenses when compared to conventional service. 

Besides, features such as online screening mean that health professionals do not have to worry about some stages of care. Not to mention the agility that is, for the doctor, to move from one procedure to another when everything happens in the virtual environment. In the end, the result will likely be a greater number of people assisted in a much shorter time.

Ease of interaction between doctors 

Another great benefit of Telemedicine is, without a doubt, the ease with which it allows the exchange of information between doctors. This is because one of the modalities recently authorized by the new law is called teleconsultation, which happens when two or more health professionals meet over the Internet to discuss a specific diagnosis or treatment. Thus, everything happens quickly, with the sharing of information about a patient and its subsequent discussion. With the new regulation, the interaction between doctors only tends to become more agile, which will, in turn, reflect even more assertive decisions.


Today, telemedicine has made it even more feasible for companies to invest in truly efficient corporate health programs. After all, technology has facilitated several processes and has enabled people to increase their medical care while saving money and time. 

For example, imagine offering an annual check-up to your employees and enabling them to receive the results, in addition to being able to answer questions and connect with doctors, all online, quickly, safely, and efficiently! This is already a reality, thanks to telemedicine that allows employees and health professionals to be approached, without the need to get around or to be discharged from work.

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