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Ahmed Hassan, Country Manager of Roche Diagnostics

Diagnostics is one of the critical components of healthcare that plays a pivotal role in improving the overall medical scenario. But with the advancement of technology and the rising healthcare costs, it has become challenging for the diagnostic centers and laboratories to provide high standards of care and precise testing. However, there are some prominent industry players who are quenching these needs by rolling out quality solutions at competitive prices.One such front-runner who is bringing excellence in medical diagnostic services and benefitting more than 106 million Indonesian with its optimal diagnostics solutions is Roche Diagnostics Indonesia.

Established in 1987,Roche Diagnostics Indonesia is recognized as a pioneer in the pharmaceutical and diagnostic sector with apassion for innovation and a profound commitment to improving the standard of care for humankind. It is a part of the International F. Hoffmann-La Roche Group that was founded in 1896 in Basel, Switzerland. Roche DiagnosticsIndonesia was initially started as a small drug laboratory but now it has evolved into one of the world’s leading research-based healthcare companies that isrenowned for many innovative contributions to medicine and diagnosis.Today, it has more than 278 diagnostics solutions registered at the Ministry of Health of Indonesia.

“We are passionate about transforming patients’ lives. We believe that good business means a better world. We know that early, accurate diagnosis is essential to maintain health, prevent disease, and help advance new, targeted treatments and potential cures for the world’s most serious health problems. In vitro diagnostics have long been considered the silent champion of healthcare, influencing over 60 % of clinical decision-making, while accounting for only about 2% of total healthcare spending,” says Ahmed Hassan, the Country Manager of Roche Diagnostics Indonesia.

Delivering Leading-edge Diagnostics Solutions

Roche Diagnostics Indonesia is committed to developing a broad range of solutions to facilitate timely, cost-efficient laboratory testing, and improve patient outcomes. The company offers an extensive range of In-Vitro Diagnostics solutions for laboratories, hospitals, blood banks, clinics, research centers, and patient home monitoring. It aims to cover all testing areas, from point of care through the central laboratory with its clinical chemistry, immunochemistry, molecular testing, tissue diagnostics, automation solutions, urinalysis, and coagulation.

With the continuous development of tests for new indications, it helps customers to be able to provide answers to new diagnostic challenges in an effective and efficient way. It also enables labs to perform more tests on a single platform and improve their operations and finances.The Roche Healthcare Consultancy process allows its customers to determine the laboratory design that best works fortheir needs. In addition to providing access to diagnostics, blood screening, and molecular testing, the companyalso focuses on creating awareness of the value of diagnostics in the areas of infectious diseases, cardiology, oncology, metabolic syndrome, critical care, and women’s health. 

Building an Empowering Work Culture

Besides its exemplary diagnostic service, one key aspect that makes Roche Diagnostics Indonesia standout from the rest is its empoweringwork culture. The company takes pride in having a culture where employees are free to propose their ideas, challenge processes that do not make sense, and question the status quo.“To be a true Roche person, you need to live and breathe the three values of the company: being passionate, being courageous enough to take risks, and living your days in consistently high standards of integrity. All three have something in common, which is, more or less: ‘being bold in whatever we do’,” asserts Ahmed.

The company believes that all employees can develop to their full potential with a seamless, robust, frequent communication between an employee and their Manager. Thus, it grooms its managers not just to be technically sound but also to be a true people manager who cares about their team members. It instills the belief that in Roche, leadership is the responsibility of each person, including those who do not have subordinates.According to Ahmed, only by feeling supported throughout their career journey will an employee perform their best and be able to sustainably delight customers, be it internal or external customers. He believes that this way they would learn to be more naturally customer-centric – not because delighting customers is their KPI, but because they have it proven to themselves that a genuinely demonstrated care and support from their managers and their colleagues, will automatically create a long-term reciprocal trust.

The uniqueness of Roche also comes from the way it sees diversity by going beyond merely visible differences (race, religions, etc.) and also including different educational backgrounds, personality types, thinking styles, and life experiences.Despite having such an inclusive, diverse workplace, it ensures that each of its employees feels valued and respected. It believes that everyone can succeed while carrying their own uniqueness.

Keeping Customers at the Forefront

Roche strongly believes in “Doing Now What Patients Need Next.” This mission statement of the company highlights two important components in its business: urgency and customer-centricity. Keeping these components at the cornerstone, it guides its decisions and aligns its activities to consistently deliver against its purpose and promise. It focuses on its patients, population, customers, and their needs, bringing customers relationships to a higher level and deliver a superior customer experience with innovation at an unprecedented speed.The highly driven proficient team at RocheDiagnostics Indonesia works relentlessly to address customers’ issues fast and accurately.It grooms partnership and engagement with hospitals and helps them meet their operational excellence by delivering the best diagnostic solutions.

“We care for our people including our direct customers which are hospitals and lab practitioners along with patients as our extended customers. We realize the passion we have to improve people’s lives in medical and healthcare will depend much on the quality delivered by hospitals and labs itself.  Of course, it also relates to the quality delivered by us as a provider,” states Ahmed.

He further adds, “The relationship we have with our customers is beyond just achieving company business objectives, it does indeed determine our mission accomplishment. With a B2B model, for us, our customers are our partners, for them, we are their partners and we are together with each other’s journey.”

Currently, as the COVID19 outbreak is changing ways of healthcare and its landscape, Roche Diagnostics Indonesia is driving its partnership with all the customers, government, and many stakeholders to shape a new era of healthcare together.

Continues Improving Healthcare for Humankind

As a healthcare pioneer committed to transforming the lives of billions of people around the globe, Roche Diagnostics Indonesia strives to push the boundaries to redefine what is possible and deliver value to patients and healthcare. The company understands that accurate diagnosis is essential to maintain health, prevent disease, and advance new, targeted treatments and potential cures for the world’s most serious health problems. Thus, it aims to transform itself from a supplier of diagnostics tests and systems to a partner and enabler in changing and improve healthcare for humankind.To achieve this ambition, it intends to bring solutions to Indonesia that can address the needs of the local healthcare ecosystem, and focus on several disease areas with an increased burden on healthcare. “We want to ensure access that leads to a higher standard of care while playing a more active role in shaping healthcare. Diagnostics digitalization also plays a key role to achieve our future milestones, concludes Ahmed.

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