Ron Elul

Ron Elul, Founder & CEO, CuraLife

Passion, dedication, and perseverance are some of the vital traits for a leader to be successful in business. When such attributes are combined with the drive to make an impact in the lives of people, great things happen. The inspiring journey of  Ron Elul, the founder, and CEO at CuraLife is a perfect illustration of that. Driven by an unwavering commitment to improving chronic care, the decisive healthcare leader is not only making strides in the entrepreneurial world but also impeccably contributing to the evolution in this sector. 

 “Why do people have to live with chronic illness?” This question startled Ron when his father was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. As someone who was never satisfied with an answer, he was unwilling to accept that he had to live with a disease that profoundly affected his quality of life. So, he dug in and began researching. The science behind type 2 diabetes is well documented, and research is ongoing but what struck Ron was the stories people shared – the faces of those living with the disease. He was inspired by the bravery people possess in the face of a chronic diagnosis but, at the same time, he was also disheartened as each story was colored with a decrease in quality of life and too many hopeless moments. “Between my research and my unwavering sense of optimism, I knew there had to be a better solution. I founded CuraLife when patients were starting to take an active role in their health journey, and that inspired me because it’s a critical mindset to have when managing chronic conditions,” asserts Ron. 

CuraLife was born with a vision to take a more holistic approach to wellness and serve chronic patients’ needs from multiple angles, including better access to care, education, and guidance for lifestyle changes. Today, the pioneering company is supporting chronic patients on their journey through a range of products, services, and solutions that empower clients to advocate for their health and improve their quality of life.

Ron’s Journey to Prominence

Ron had a deep sense of curiosity, optimism, and determination since childhood. He learned three key lessons from his father which still define how he looks at the world. The first lesson was “nothing in life should be taken for granted.” Second, “It’s important to always give back in some way, big or small.” The third and the most important lesson for any business person to internalize is “Even if you feel like you can’t go on or push through a roadblock, you can.” Altogether, these fueled Ron’s desire to create a business that will make a difference. Before Curalife, Ron founded two startups in the AdTech and FinTech sectors. While those companies were successful in many ways, they didn’t give the sense of satisfaction that Ron was looking for. However, his third venture in the renewable energy sector brought him closer to his passion for tackling a big problem that would lead to a positive change in the world. It also clarified his desire to build a company that will directly impact the lives of people.

Distinctive Features of CuraLife

According to Ron, CuraLife’s success doesn’t boil down to a single factor. Indeed, it’s a combination of several factors working together. CuraLife believes in empowering patients with knowledge and connecting them to peer-based emotional support, healthcare options, and a disruptive range of supplements rooted in nature yet crafted through science. In addition to this, the success of CuraLife can also be attributed to its incredible team that relentlessly works to achieve the organizational goal. Each of its team members has a friend or family member who uses CuraLife products and successfully manages their type 2 diabetes. “Our passion for helping people with chronic diseases and live life to the fullest is the guiding force behind our innovation, creative approach to problem-solving, and relentless desire to develop the best products,” adds Ron.

Besides this, CuraLife’s distinctive business strategy also makes it a market differentiator. While most D2C brands target younger generations, it focuses on the 50+ market. To build a brand that offers a disruptive product and resonates with older consumers, it has implemented a different set of strategies and developed its distribution capabilities. “I think what makes us truly disruptive is our vision of being an all-encompassing brand. The digital health field is evolving quickly, and we are ahead of the game,” affirms Ron.

Soon, the company is planning to launch a full suite of digital services and solutions. It understands that every patient has a different journey, and its platform is designed to deliver highly personalized one-to-one support. Leveraging telemedicine, it will monitor customers while giving them access to doctors, nutritionists, and coaches. 

Surpassing Adversities

From an industry standpoint, the biggest challenge for Ron was to fight for natural solutions or nutraceuticals’ position and validity. Initially, the company had to overcome the skepticism from both patients and healthcare professionals by creating a ground-up movement, one patient at a time. Today, it has established a solid foothold in the market through that approach, and its patient feedback speaks for itself. And as it scales globally, its efforts and resources are shifting to include developing significant clinical assets and working with hundreds of medical professionals to change the perception of nutraceuticals. Internally, the execution was another critical challenge that Ron had to overcome. The avid entrepreneur believes that having a vision, strategy, unique product offering, and market-product fit is essential, but without the right team to back you and execute a plan, even the best ideas don’t materialize. 

“We make sure that everyone has a voice and that our culture is continuously evolving to maintain a supportive environment. I believe culture starts at the top with leadership demonstrating company values. I can say that my co-founders Haviv, Ofer, Tomer, Alberto, and Tal exemplify our culture,” states Ron.

Redefining Leadership

When asked about the attributes that an ideal leader should possess, Ron believes that a strong sense of curiosity is the key aspect that leads to creativity and innovation. He also emphasizes on striking the right balance of humility and self-confidence. He feels that a leader needs to be persistent in maintaining their vision but flexible in executing their plans. Also, from a purely business standpoint, every leader needs to understand the factors contributing to a company’s operations, such as finances, business models, and variables that impact the bottom line.

“We live in a dynamic world where nothing is a given or set in stone. Being open-minded and asking questions enables us to meet opportunities and solve challenges as they arise. Passion and excitement are contagious. If executives bring these emotions to the workplace, it filters down to the team,” says Ron.

Acting as a Catalyst for Change in Chronic Care

Forging ahead, Ron aspires to continue leading the charge in the chronic care space in terms of increasing the acceptance of natural medicines through CuraLife. In addition to offering high-quality products, he also aims to cultivate a customer-facing approach that helps people manage chronic conditions through cutting-edge tools and technology. 

“By expanding our digital health offerings to include consumer-centric behavioral therapeutics, remote patient monitoring, and a comprehensive suite of virtual care services, CuraLife can be a catalyst for change. The digitalization of the healthcare system is in its infancy, but the potential is massive, and at CuraLife, we plan to be at the forefront of the revolution,” concludes Ron.

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