Sandeep Deokule, Founder and CEO, Devcool and HiPaas Inc

The healthcare industry is entering the era of digital innovation. With digitalization taking the centre stage, we’ve seen a massive and welcoming change in healthcare in the past few years. Advances in digital technologies such as artificial intelligence have paved their way into the health care system enabling healthcare organizations to deliver personalized, efficient, and informed care. At the helm of this transformation are some proficient leaders who have risen to the forefront to leverage the potential of innovative technology and offer the best in health care. One such leader that we at The Healthcare Insights stumbled upon is Sandeep Deokule, the founder and CEO at DevCool Inc, a premier Healthcare consulting and managed services company.

Sandeep’s journey with healthcare began when he was a part of a technology and strategy consulting group at Deloitte. During the early 2000s, healthcare companies were going through technology transformation. Seizing the opportunity, Sandeep ventured into the healthcare sector and founded DevCool. Over the years, DevCool has helped various healthcare organizations implement the right technologies. Today, Sandeep is successfully spearheading 2 companies DevCool and HiPaaS, both focused on healthcare.

“DevCool’s goal is to help hospitals to innovate via AI and at the same time keep EMR management costs lower. HiPaaS on other hand is focused on helping healthcare insurance companies better manage claims, eligibility, and payments with our AI-driven EDI & FHIR Interop solution,” asserts Sandeep.

Solving Complex Technology Problems and Delivering Innovation

Incepted in 2007, today, DevCoolis helping hospitals to manage Epic systems and implement changing healthcare priorities. As the ongoing pandemic has raised the need for online care delivery, the company is helping its customers to implement Telehealth and integrated payment methods to support their growth. Many of its customers are also expanding hospitals by adding more beds or newer facilities. Hence, to support them, it has launched IT construction managed services where it offers end to end expansion related services. The goal of the company is to help hospitals manage EMR applications while keeping the cost low. Its Epic managed services team is scaling every day and it is continuously exploring lower-cost centers across the US.

DevCool is also investing heavily to help hospitals enable AI to manage high-risk patient conditions. It works with hospital research staff on various AI models and integrates them with EMR systems using its Parex platform. The company has successfully implemented various models around sepsis monitoring, mortality rate monitoring, population health management, and clinical trial management.

“Our platforms monitor patient data like vitals, labs, and meds and run the model in real-time to provide key indicators to the clinical staff. We are proud that DevCool has contributed to help hospitals in reducing mortality rates,” opines Sandeep.

Delineating on the differentiating strength of the company, he further adds, “DevCool is born in the Silicon Valley and our differentiator always has been blending the traditional healthcare IT quagmire with new generation technologies. What gives us an edge is our expertise, our experience, and the fact that we always put patients first. There’s a reason six of the top 10 leading hospitals in California trust us with their technology services.”

Redesigning Healthcare Infrastructure in an Efficient Manner

In 2020, Sandeep founded HiPaaS Inc to deliver next-generation cloud products to solve real healthcare problems. Today, the healthcare technology company is delivering AI-powered Healthcare Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and CMS Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Interoperability products. It simplifies the healthcare EDI functionalities including claims, enrollment, eligibility, pre-authorization, and payment, and enables CMS FHIR Interoperability. Meanwhile, it also allows healthcare organizations to enable HL7 Data Streaming with AI Model. HiPaaS is used by leading cancer research firms to facilitate AI-driven care with real-time monitoring. The platform brings new technologies like iPaaS, Python, React, DevOps, Kafka, and Neo4j to the aging healthcare infrastructure.

Stumbling Blocks along the Journey

Under the indomitable leadership of Sandeep, today HiPaaS and DevCool have come a long way since its inception. However, their journey to success was not without challenges. The biggest hurdle was the lack of readiness of healthcare organizations to adopt innovation. “At times, we are years ahead of the healthcare curve, and at times, we see organizations driven by outside marketing buzz words. For us, it is critical to work with customers to walk them through the journey and become the trusted partner,” affirms Sandeep.

The avid serial entrepreneur focuses on transparency, integrity, and always strives to deliver trust to its customers. Driven by these customer-centric values, he aspires to help healthcare organizations walk through the innovation journey one step at a time.

Continues Empowering Healthcare with Innovation

Imparting the key lesson from his entrepreneurial journey, Sandeep advises budding entrepreneurs to always remain true to themselves. “Over years, I have seen various startups struggle and even close down. It’s always easy to get distracted as the market demands and conditions change but the key is to be focused and grounded to take your company to what you feel like a success, and not the way others define success for you,” states Sandeep.

Advancing into the future, Sandeep envisions HiPaaS and DevCool to focus on two key areas. First, to improve patient outcomes by implementing various AI uses cases. Second, to develop low-cost EMR managed services in the US so, more of our younger generation can get into Healthcare IT.