Shan(Shanthi) Raju

Shan(Shanthi) Raju, Founder, Hidentity LLC

“Necessity is the mother of innovation”. As the age-old saying, groundbreaking ideas often emerge from the urgent necessity to confront challenges. Entrepreneurs who possess the acumen to discern these imperative needs and the determination to convert them into opportunities are the true catalysts of profound change. Their unwavering determination not only fuels significant progress but also has the power to transform a whole industry, breathing life into the entrepreneurial realm. 

The story of Shan (Shanthi) Raju, founder & CEO of Hidentity LLC, who redefined innovation by turning necessity into a groundbreaking solution is no different. Since childhood, Shanthi was steeped in fascination for tales of entrepreneurs. Walt Disney, who turned his imagination into reality through animated films, was her all-time role model. However, Shanthi’s path to entrepreneurship took an unexpected twist when she confronted a personal challenge. 

Upon discovering her daughter’s severe food allergies, Shanthi had a concern in her heart.  “How could my daughter survive different situations, especially in my absence?” This question ignited the transformation of a concerned parent into a healthcare entrepreneur. Thus Hidentity LLC was born as a solution that would help her daughter and millions of others like her to receive better healthcare anywhere. 

Hidentity’s Revolutionary Solution

In the vast world of healthcare, there was one problem that loomed larger than all the others. The problem was the absence of personalized and timely care for patients grappling with medical emergencies. Picture this: a patient in distress, an emergency team rushing to the scene, and a standard protocol, tried and tested but ultimately inadequate. The prevailing emergency protocol followed by EMTs and paramedics only involved administering generic treatments solely based on observable symptoms and signs. Yet, hidden beneath the surface of these vital indicators lay a critical deficiency – the lack of access to crucial patient information. This had serious consequences, potentially resulting in ineffective or even harmful outcomes, such as adverse drug interactions, allergic reactions, and misdiagnoses. In response to this critical gap, Shanthi Raju embarked on a mission that would change the course of healthcare. 

Founded in 2017, Hidentity emerged with a resolute purpose – to revolutionize healthcare accessibility, regardless of location or circumstance. Hidentity offers a user-friendly, self-reported app, meticulously designed to cater to both patients and emergency medical professionals. This innovative tool empowers paramedics and ER doctors to swiftly access crucial patient information, even when the patient is unconscious. 

At the heart of Hidentity LLC lies its secure and encrypted cloud service, which houses patients’ medical data. When a patient faces a medical crisis, emergency responders can scan and access the patient’s stored data. This comprehensive insight equips them to provide treatments tailored to the patient’s unique medical requirements. 

The impact of Hidentity’s innovative approach is far-reaching. By bridging the gap between patient information and emergency care, Hidentity significantly enhances the quality and efficiency of emergency medical treatments. This app doesn’t just save lives, it also transforms routine healthcare visits. Patients can bid farewell to the hectic process of filling out paper forms during their visits to healthcare providers. Hidentity extends its benefits beyond emergencies, becoming an indispensable tool for both critical care situations and routine wellness appointments. 

Privacy & Security First 

Hidentity’s healthcare solution is meticulously designed to guarantee that users receive well-informed and effective medical emergency treatment, all while prioritizing the protection of their personal information. With a deep respect for users’ rights and preferences concerning their personal data, the platform empowers them by granting control over data access and usage. Users can conveniently exercise this control through both the mobile app and web portal, where they can flexibly view, edit, delete, or download data. Moreover, the platform goes the extra mile by offering the choice to opt out of data sharing with third parties or revoke consent, adding an extra layer of autonomy for users.

This careful approach extends to information sharing, which is limited exclusively to authorized emergency personnel and trusted healthcare providers. By utilizing advanced encryption and authentication techniques, Hidentity guarantees that unauthorized access or tampering with data is simply not possible. Its resolute commitment to data protection is underscored by the adherence to data protection laws, such as HIPAA in the US and GDPR in the EU.  

The commitment to security goes beyond mere data protection, covering confidentiality, data integrity, and accessibility. Reliable cloud services and robust backup systems ensure the safe storage and seamless transmission of data. Furthermore, active monitoring and thorough auditing of data activities proactively detect and prevent any potential breaches. If a data breach occurs, Hidentity promptly sends notifications to both users and relevant authorities, ensuring transparency and taking swift action.  

The Balancing Act 

Shanthi’s journey into entrepreneurship was driven by the pressing needs of her own family, and this has kept her unwavering commitment to achieving success while maintaining a harmonious work-life balance. To navigate this delicate equilibrium, Shanthi employs a set of highly effective strategies. 

Central to her approach is the establishment of clear priorities and boundaries. She keenly discerns the tasks that carry the utmost significance and urgency in both her personal and professional domains. Communicating these boundaries to those around her ensures that her time and energy are dedicated where they matter most.

In the realm of time management, planning and organization play a pivotal role. Shanthi relies on a suite of tools including calendars, reminders, and to-do lists. By meticulously outlining her activities and allotting time for unforeseen occurrences or exigencies, she ensures a structured and productive routine. 

Furthermore, recognizing the value of delegation and outsourcing, Shanthi deftly enlists assistance from those skilled in tasks. This approach not only fosters collaboration but also liberates her to focus on aspects of her ventures where her unique expertise shines. 

Seeking a network of support and feedback constitutes another cornerstone of Shanthi’s approach. She gathers inspiration from the guidance of those who support her in both her personal and professional life. 

Work-life balance is not a static concept, but rather a dynamic and evolving process for Shanthi. By conscientiously implementing these strategies, she sustains her commitment to both her entrepreneurial pursuits and the well-being of her personal life, thereby achieving the equilibrium that fuels her success. 

A Roadmap For Healthcare Entrepreneurs

Shanthi’s guidance for emerging healthcare entrepreneurs brims with insight and practical wisdom. She advises that the journey starts with identifying a pressing healthcare issue. Shanthi reflects that meticulous research and validation of the problem’s scope are foundational steps. 

Moving forward, Shanthi underscores the necessity of crafting solutions that seamlessly intertwine innovation, technology, and creativity. These solutions, she insists, must undergo rigorous testing, refinement, and validation through direct engagement with users, customers, and stakeholders. Furthermore, Shanthi passionately advocates for the formation of dedicated teams that wholeheartedly share the entrepreneur’s vision. In her view, cultivating a team culture, rooted in collaboration and continual learning, is the key to progress. Shanthi’s guidance doesn’t end there. She passionately highlights the critical importance of scaling the reach of these solutions. This, she believes, requires relentless exploration of partnerships, funding, and the meticulous measurement of impact. 

As Shanthi continues to dedicate her life to innovation, she remains a beacon of hope for countless individuals whose lives have been transformed by her pioneering solutions. Her unwavering commitment to addressing pressing healthcare challenges is an inspiration to us all, and there’s no doubt that she will continue to make wonders in people’s lives through her innovative and compassionate approach to entrepreneurship.