hi-teh sleep mask

A Hi-Tech Sleep Mask helps fight jet lag and helps users sleep better and wake up naturally. The sleep masks premium has become extremely popular in recent years, especially for travelers looking to sleep on a train, bus, or plane. There are in particular Bluetooth, anti-noise, shape memories, or ergonomic night masks, which differ from classic night, mask models. Among these high-end models, a novelty is beginning to impose itself on the market: the Hi-Tech night mask. Its popularity is due to its many features, which, in addition to the obstruction of light and comfort, allows you to sleep and wake up optimally thanks to all its features.

Hi-tech sleep mask: What is it?

A high-tech sleep mask measures an individual’s body rhythms and sleeps activity to help users sleep better. A dedicated app works with the mask, which measures sleep waves, eye movement, muscle tension, heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation. The app then determines individual sleep patterns and offers personalized recommendations. 

By determining when a user is in deep REM mode as opposed to periods of lighter sleep, the mask can wake users up at the most convenient time to feel refreshed. It does this using light therapy, with lights built into the mask that simulates dawn and gradually wakes the user up. If the light does not cause the wake-up call, the vibrations will eventually give the user an extra boost. 

The hi-tech night mask can also be used to help travelers avoid jet lag and deal with jet lag. By entering their current location and destination into the app, the user can prepare and adapt to the new time zone using the mask.

Advantages of Hi-tech sleep mask

Here are some of the functions of the sleep mask so that you can understand how it helps to improve the quality of sleep.

Increases melatonin levels 

For our brain to understand that it’s time to sleep there needs to be a stimulus for the production and release of melatonin – the natural hormone that helps regulate the body’s sleep and wake cycles. What stimulates this hormone is darkness – this explains why with the arrival of night we feel more tired and sleepy than during the day. However, when it is too light, we do not feel sleepy or have difficulty sleeping. Thus, the mask contributes to the release of this hormone, since it creates an environment with less clarity for the eyes, regardless of the brightness of the environment. Thus, the brain achieves a chemical balance that acts in the body, favoring its relaxation and, consequently, the induction of sleep.

Makes it easier to sleep in bright places 

When you are at home, it is easier to prepare the environment to rest properly. You place curtains to block the light, reduce the brightness of the environment itself, avoid electronic equipment, among other measures. However, when it is necessary to sleep in different places, you may have a problem with the incidence of light – this can happen in hotels, inns, on the plane, or inside a bus. You have difficulty sleeping in these spaces mainly because of the difference in lighting, which stimulates the brain. Therefore, the sleeping mask is an excellent ally in these situations, avoiding the incidence of light in the eyes.

Improves sleep quality 

The use of an accessory, such as a sleeping mask, complements the preparation for resting during the night, being a great ally for those who need to rest well. So, the sleep mask can bring a difference in your mood and productivity the next day. However, don’t forget to choose a good quality product to enjoy the benefits that this item brings. In addition, it is essential to observe the quality of the mattress and pillow used, as they need to provide comfort to ensure restful sleep. It is also important that bedding is always clean and soft.


As you have seen, the sleep mask is essential to ensure restful sleep, as it blocks the incidence of light in the eyes, allowing the body to relax and the body to function properly with the release of melatonin. In addition, it is essential to choose a mattress and pillow of good quality and suitable for individual needs.

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