Jeff Daugherty, CEO & President and Chairman, SPBS, Inc

Nowadays, new technology and innovations are making human life much easier. In this fast-paced evolving world, particularly the medical and healthcare industries are continually compelled to develop new and creative ways for human welfare. Without innovations and technological development, it is impossible to expect medical progress in the industry. The success of a healthcare facility depends upon providing patients with safe, high-quality, cost-effective care. Fulfilling all the approaches, SPBS, Inc, is standing tall with the mission to provide the highest quality, most responsive Total Equipment Management Program in the region, cost-effectively.

SPBS, Inc. is formally known as South Plains Biomedical Services. The company was founded in 1979 when Richard Fischenich and a colleague formed a partnership to provide medical equipment and repair services for the region surrounding Lubbock, Texas. Today, SPBS serves over 600 hospitals, clinics, doctors’ offices, imaging labs, and other facilities throughout the United States.

Strategically directed by CEO, President, and Chairman, Jeff Daugherty, SPBS has become an employee-owned, ESOP S Corp and has grown steadily ever since. “Along the way, we’ve built a reputation as a trusted partner by providing reliable, accurate service. As an employee-owned organization, it is our mission to deliver more than basic repair and maintenance of clinical equipment,” asserts Jeff. “The company delivers responsive support, high quality, and cost-effective service and solutions tailored to our client’s needs.”

Setting New Milestones in the Healthcare Sector

SPBS offers more than just repair and maintenance. It provides support, service, and solutions throughout the entire equipment lifecycle. The company takes it a step further by supporting its clients by providing an online work order system, and the fastest real-time online access to reports and documentation. 

The business model is designed to serve as a complete lifecycle asset manager for the healthcare industry. In general, the company handles the management of biomedical and imaging assets from acquisition to disposition. SPBS assists clients with purchasing new equipment, ongoing maintenance and inspections for all inventory, cybersecurity risk assessment, and prevention, as well as serve as a partner in the disposition of assets.

“Within our service capabilities, we handle everything from general biomedical equipment to specialized imaging, anesthesia, sterilization, and laboratory equipment. Our technicians maintain rigorous certification standards; most are certified by AAMI, and have multiple levels of training direct from the OEMs,” affirms Jeff.

With 40+ years of experience, SPBS has expanded its service lines to fully support the maintenance and care of all clinical equipment within the clients’ facilities. The company has also implemented a fully robust CMMS platform which provides them and their clients greater visibility into their asset management program. From historical data to real-time reporting, the platform enables SPBS and its clients to better prepare for regulatory inspections and audits. 

During the effect of Pandemic

The effect of the pandemic has affected many industries worldwide. The Healthcare industry is also experiencing significant changes as a result. In addition to the increased security threats of ransomware and vital life-saving equipment shortages; the industry is also facing a declining BMET workforce and access to OEM service manuals and training. 

Cybersecurity: SPBS has partnered with one of the country’s best companies in providing 24/7/365 “real-time” monitoring and prevention of cyber threats to provide their clients peace of mind. The system provides many other benefits to their clients such as equipment utilization, equipment tracking/location, and risk analysis.

Equipment acquisition: The Company has several rental programs to support its client’s need for additional equipment. Coupled with the ability to source new and refurbished equipment or assist the clients in bringing existing inventory back up to regulatory standards for immediate use, the company is helping its clients get what they need as quickly as possible.

Staffing shortages: Like most companies, SPBS is not immune to the labor market shortage and the impact of the anticipated retirement exodus from the HTM industry. Fortunately, the company has an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) as a compelling attraction and retention tool. It offers a unique benefit that serves its employees in the long run. 

SPBS commits to investing in employee-owners; it has initiated multiple programs that focus on career development and growth. “We’ve also outlined career ladders, internal and external training opportunities, even tuition reimbursement to support professional development and intercompany advancement,” asserts Jeff.  

Additionally, SPBS has refreshed its recruitment process by partnering with a few technical colleges, to offer internships across the organization as well as working with a variety of veteran’s programs to recruit from the military, where a high percentage of biomedical technicians receive their initial education.

Footsteps towards Future

SPBS is a biomedical company that is boundless, innovative, mindful, and empowered. “Our values translate into the way we think and act in our day-to-day responsibilities and duties. From recruitment to retention, our philosophy extends to all our staff; we seek individuals to join our organization that align with these values and bring their own personalities and skills to the table to boost collaboration,” affirms Jeff.

As a 100% employee-owned company, the staff is more than just employees, technicians, accountants, and administrators. “We are owners, each with an individual stake in the success of the company and we establish a high sense of care and dedication to our client experience because of this,” he adds.

SPBS’s long-term vision for the company is to expand into a national service brand. Over the past forty years, the company has broadened its reach across the Midwest, the southwest, and the northeastern U.S. “We anticipate that the additional focus on specialized equipment maintenance and service, such as imaging and anesthesia, will support our expansion from coast to coast,” concludes Jeff.

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