Kendra Hunter, President, Staff Bridge

Recruiting highly qualified clinical staff is one of the most critical challenges faced by healthcare organizations. While some healthcare facilities may successfully identify and hire clinical talent, retaining those valuable employees becomes an uphill battle for them. Despite their best efforts, they often fail to keep up with the demand for talent and this leads to declining productivity, overtime, and employee burnout which perpetuates the cycle. 

To bridge this gap in the market, StaffBridge, a leading workforce management technology company,came to the forefront in 2017. Headquartered in Overland Park, KS, the pioneering company offers an exemplary workforce management solution that empowers healthcare organizations to put the right people in the right job at the right time while driving engagement and profitability. Today, StaffBridge caters to all sizes of health care clients in the acute, post-acute, and emergency response segments, as well as large health care staffing organizations and helps them manage high-volume managed service provider (MSP) contracts.

“This technology puts the power in our clients’ hands, bridging the gap between the facility and their agency partners and creating an organization that is less focused on covering shifts – and more focused on patient care,” says Kendra Hunter, the President of StaffBridge.

Delivering a Comprehensive Workforce Management Solution

StaffBridge streamlines the workforce management processes and allows its clients to consolidate multiple systems into one seamless platform including a Vendor Management Solution (VMS) solution and a Mobile App to drive engagement with internal and vendor staff.

Its vendor-neutral VMS provides direct access to credentialed clinical talent and essential visibility into the entire staffing process to efficiently manage the entire contingent workforce in one place. It empowers facilities to truly partner with approved contingent staffing agenciesto ensure staffing ratios are met and focused on providing quality patient care.

StaffBridge’s Mobilize software is a true end-to-end solution for healthcare staffing firms as it automates workflow across the entire span of the staffing process from requisition to hire, and schedule to invoice. It accelerates the staffing process and increases employee engagement for staffing firms focused on providing fully credentialed quality clinical staff to health care facilities.

Together, StaffBridge’s suite of products empowers clients to easily manage orders for agency staff, gain visibility into real-time data to effectively measure staffing performance, and consciously manage contingent labor costs. It provides an immediate opportunity for cost savings by consolidating all workforce costs in one system. The visibility provided by the system allows clients to identify open shifts at a glance and make informed decisions about overtime, float pool, and agency resources in one consolidated system to better manage their business.

“We help our clients mitigate risk with a secure place to view agency credentials and documentation. And with the innovative StaffBridge Mobile App, agency staff can view their work schedules, promote availability to their staffing manager, and accept shifts based on their personal schedule,” affirms Kendra.

Attributes that Differentiate StaffBridge

Undoubtedly, the success of StaffBridge lies in its ability to offer efficient solutions for workforce management. However, what truly differentiates the company is its customer-centric approach.StaffBridge is client-obsessed but in a good way. It carefully listens to its clients and keeps their needs at the forefront while developing innovative solutions. Its focus on direct client feedback coupled with ongoing market research puts it ahead of the game in understanding and creating products and solutions that have a positive, immediate, and long-term impact on its clients’ businesses.

StaffBridge’s culture is driven by its core values that shape its decisions to consistently deliver against its purpose and promise. “StaffBridge’s core values start with ‘Unapologetic Integrity’ and end with ‘Empowered to be Boldly Courageous’.  In between, wefocus on fearless innovation and a commitment to being passionate about our work and accountable to our clients, partners, and team,”explains Kendra.

Keeping these core values at the cornerstone, the highly motivated professionals at StaffBridge work relentlessly to attain the organizational goal. The company values self-motivated and dedicated team players who perform well in a culture of empowerment and self-managed accountability.  According to Kendra, the continued success of StaffBridge can be attributed to its giftedteam that is committed to delivering the best-in-class technology and high-touch customer service.

“As great as our suite of workforce management products is, I believe strongly it is our people that make the difference. Our commitment to customer service and dedication to bridging the gap between hard-working people and a world full of opportunity is not just a Mission Statement, it is truly at the heart of everything we do,” adds Kendra.

Continues Addressing Workforce Management Challenges

Since its inception, StaffBridge has actively predicted and created solutions that satisfy the demands of an ever-changing workforce across all industries.  Its highly skilled and forward-thinking technical team has been continually identifying opportunities to enhance and expand its product offering to better serve its customers. In the coming years, the company aims to continue addressing more challenges in the workforce management space by leveraging new technology and expanding its reach. “Thanks to the vision of our leadership team and our staff’s technical expertise, we continue to grow by providing solutions to our clients and by expanding our reach to solve workforce management challenges,” asserts Kendra on a concluding note.