Syneos Health

Alistair Macdonald, CEO, Syneos Health

Biopharmaceuticals are revolutionizing the world of medicine and saving the lives of thousands of people every day. It is the most sophisticated and elegant achievement of modern science. The Biopharma sector has seen incredible growth in recent decades. One of the companies that are thriving in this sector is Syneos Health. Syneos Health is an end-to-end, fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions company that works differently. The company is purpose-built for biopharmaceutical acceleration, creating better, smarter, faster ways to help clients navigate an increasingly complex marketplace. Alistair Macdonald, CEO of the company says, “Our business addresses today’s market realities through clinical and commercial sharing expertise and data and insights to meet the needs of emerging and large global biopharmaceutical companies.”

At Syneos Health, all the disciplines involved in bringing new therapies to market, from clinical to commercial, work together to create customer success. Its unique Biopharmaceutical Acceleration model delivers value across the small to mid-size to large customer continuum.

Distinguished Services

Syneos Health is the only company in the biopharmaceutical services industry purpose-built to create greater success for the customers. At the company, clinical and commercial live under the same roof and constantly shares real-world knowledge and insights that lead to getting the job done better, smarter, and faster. Syneos Health is working in partnership with highly innovative companies and continuously brings insights to science and scientific rigor to business. The company’s unique business model, combining a global Clinical Research Organization with a global Contract Organization helps the customers improve performance, reduce risk, and speed much-needed therapies to patients worldwide.

“Syneos Health fully expresses our value proposition – that is, our ability to deliver integrated end-to-end solutions and create new paths for our customers to develop and commercialize their therapies,” affirms Macdonald.

Clinical Development

As many customers have unique clinical development needs, Syneos Health’s fit-for-purpose CRO solutions are tailored to your product and requirements. The company adopts new processes and technology to meet the client’s needs through diverse therapeutic expertise and access to commercial insights that can facilitate shorter and more efficient trials designed to improve the likelihood of regulatory and commercial success.


The company improves performance by leveraging data insights, accumulated best practices, and deep access to therapeutic expertise. It serves customers of all sizes and its CCO (Contract Commercial Organization) capabilities are the broadest and most robust in the industry delivering flexible, targeted, multi-channel programs designed to produce a higher likelihood of launch success. Simultaneously, its commercial and market insights along with proprietary data access can improve clinical trial design and accelerate patient recruitment.


Syneos Health provides organizational transformation and holistic solutions. It has a growth-oriented portfolio and profitable assets which are speed markets. Syneos Health Consulting is built on the combination of Campbell Alliance and Kinapse and is a leading management consulting firm specializing in the life sciences industry. It also provides deep subject matter expertise over the entire lifecycle of an organization, portfolio, or asset, and our unique ability to leverage end-to-end capabilities and global functional and therapeutic experts results in highly customized solutions. Beyond developing high-value strategic plans, Syneos Health Consulting also delivers useable, practical solutions engaging your team in portfolio and product strategy, organizational design, and implementation.

Syneos Health stands committed to its mission to help customers improve and accelerate the delivery of therapies that impact health worldwide. The company finds new solutions, ensuring they reflect the high-quality standards the customers expect. “We’re motivated by the promise of medicine. We hold ourselves accountable to leverage our expertise and experience to partner, side-by-side with our customers, to help transform health experiences,” says Macdonald. The company is driven by how insights and solutions can impact people around the world. He adds, “This passion for patients fuels our vision to shorten the distance from lab to life.”