Synergy Medical Labs

Mr. Arvind Gurnani, Founder & CEO, Synergy Medical Labs

Care, compassion, empathy, patience, and kindness are the non-medical yet essential components of effective healthcare services. These qualities are just as important as medicine to treat patients, to heal them holistically, and to promote positive health in our society.

But it is possible for healthcare providers to lose sight of the purpose of the profession i.e. healing patients and nurturing health. For instance, when they are motivated to make more profits, they fail to genuinely care for patients. So, doctors begin to lose credibility, patients may not heal properly, and the entire industry risks losing its integrity.

For Synergy Medical Labs, an advanced medical laboratory located in New Jersey, US, personalized care and compassion are values ingrained in every facet of its business. It was established in 2015, inspired by a sincere desire to help people through a combination of the latest medicine as well as compassion and care. “The industry, in general, has turned into a business, taking out compassion from its services. Through Synergy Medical Labs, I want to bring that compassion back into the industry because we passionately care about patients, customers, and physicians,” states Mr. Arvind Gurnani, the CEO of Synergy Medical Labs.

Combining Compassion and Cutting-Edge Medicine for Positive Healthcare

Synergy Medical Labs is a comprehensive CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) certified and CAP (College of American Pathologists) certified clinical laboratory that offers diverse solutions for healthcare providers including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, doctors, and physicians. Its state-of-the-art facility undertakes blood testing, urine testing, toxicology, pharmacogenetics, chemistry, coronavirus (COVID-19) testing, and more.

Apart from its technical capability, the company strongly believes in treating patients, customers, and everyone involved with integrity, compassion, and personalized care, never worrying about the business aspect of the job. By serving customers the right way, the company knows that business will follow automatically.

To help the industry build and strengthen integrity, Synergy Medical Labs functions with compliance, cutting-edge equipment, a respectful approach to people, and living by its motto: “Commitment to Excellence through Personalized Care”. Its staff keeps a keen eye on each patient, specimen, and case. In doing so with dedication, knowledge, and integrity, they honor and uphold the crucial element of trust.

Synergy’s Four Tenets for Business Excellence

“Everyone at Synergy Medical Labs firmly believes in and works by our four tenets of business: (1) Rapid results, (2) accurate reporting, (3) passion and commitment, and (4) personalized care,” Mr. Gurnani says.

  • Rapid Results: Given the sensitive nature of healthcare, the quicker physicians clearly understand test results, the better it is for everyone involved, possibly also saving lives. So, knowing the importance of speed and straightforwardness, the company ensures that each test is performed punctually and rapidly.
  • Accurate Reporting: Through their skilled medical personnel including toxicologists, pathologists, molecular biologists, and more as well as state-of-the-art equipment present on site, the company ensures accurate reporting.
  • Passion and Commitment: Synergy Medical Labs receives thousands of specimens each month, and each one is greatly cared for. “Everyone here works with each sample as though it were the only sample of the day. We take a lot of pride in ensuring that we give personalized care,” Mr. Gurnani adds.
  • Personalized Care: Because each patient is unique, each one metabolizes their medication differently and so, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. “We personalize care for every person we come in touch with. Not only will this improve our quality of services but will also make the entire industry a better place,” Mr. Gurnani says.

Exemplifying the True Purpose of the Healthcare Industry

Synergy Medical Labs is serving all medical practitioners now such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, doctors, physicians, and through its commitment to healthy practices, it’s earned their trust and confidence. The bulk of the company’s business comes through word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied customers because who have liked the way they treat people, samples, and personalized care.

As COVID-19 pressurizes and increases demands from healthcare everywhere, the biggest challenge for the company is to provide for these demands. So, the company is taking on as many requests as possible as well as also investing in expensive equipment and new personnel. While they do this from the goodness of their hearts, there is no certainty that insurance companies may reimburse them later. By inviting responsibilities and genuinely helping people in a time of need, the company is helping the entire industry build integrity.

Supported by a Cohesive, Passionate and Dedicated Team

“We’ve cultivated a culture at Synergy Medical Labs where we’re like family. We go out for team-building activities such as bowling and ‘Happy Hour’. When we are stressed, we can take a break for an hour in our big, beautiful break room. We can come back energized and ready to work,” Mr. Gurnani says.

While everyone at the company pays full attention to ensure high-quality services, a healthy and working spirit is in abundance here. “Culture builds successful companies and we have that. We all encourage each other while at work. We are also good friends outside of work,” Mr. Gurnani says.

Steadily Building a Healthier Healthcare Industry

“Synergy” symbolizes the company’s desire to create synergy between their lab, patients, and everyone they come in contact with. By taking up responsibilities to help people in the time of need, its reliability, and providing excellent services with a humane touch, Synergy Medical Labs is proactively contributing to a healthier industry.

“Our goal is to continue to care for our clients. We also want to bring in newer service lines including genetic, molecular, and COVID-19 testing so that we can be a one-stop-shop for more of our customers,” Mr. Gurnani concludes.