Terrain Pharmaceuticals

Most adults experience serious pain at some point in their lives. Some suffer from chronic headaches or back pain while some have to put up with pain while recovering from surgery, sports injuries, or accidents. Pain can be disabling at times, impeding your ability to work, care for your family, and enjoy life. So, it’s no surprise that, when it comes to pain relief, people want the best solution. Thus, every year, millions of prescriptions are written for pain medications. But, most of those medications are highly addictive and lead to many side effects. Even at prescribed doses, they pose a risk for addiction, abuse, and overdose that may result in serious health complications. Cognizant of this issue, Terrain Pharmaceuticals, an innovative drug manufacturer came to the forefront to provide patients and healthcare professionals with the safest pain relief options. Built on the foundation of safety, integrity, quality, and innovation, the company manufactures safe, effective, and non-addictive solutions for doctors, their patients, and the millions of other people who suffer from pain every single day.

Committed to Product Quality and Patient Safety

Terrain Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2015 as a way to help combat the ongoing opioid epidemic. Overtime, it experienced consistent growth and today it stands tall as a leader in non-addictive pain relief. The company strongly believes in product quality, patient safety, and continuous improvement. Thus, it meets and exceeds all industry and regulatory standards to ensure product safety and quality. It adheres to the standards of Safety, Identity, Strength, Purity, and Quality (SISPQ)throughout every step of manufacturing and the supply chain. Its products are manufactured in FDA licensed and cGMP compliant facilities and with warehouses in Reno, NV, and Indianapolis, the company is able to reach over 80% of the U.S. within two days – and all 50 states within three days. “Our active ingredient formulations are superior to the competition currently on the market. Patients get the product in their hands, and they keep coming back for more! We offer safe, effective, non-addictive, non-narcotic, non-opioid pain relief for patients and consumers, “asserts Kyle Cranfill , the Director of Sales and Marketing at Terrain Pharmaceuticals.

Focused on Excellent Customer Service

It’s not just its ability to offer safe, effective, and non-opioid topical pain relief solutions that put Terrain Pharmaceuticals ahead of its competitors. It’s the way the company brings value to its customer through active listening and excellent customer service that makes it a reliable partner in the market. Along with accredited facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and a competent team, Terrain also brings passion, innovative thinking, and a high customer focus mentality. It continually strives to combine an unmatched customer experience with the ultimate pursuit of superior patient care. “We’re responsive, polite, and considerate. When patients reach out to us, we listen to their “pain story” and do everything we can to help them out. We send free samples, we partner with their doctors, and we look for local pharmacies who can help them in the long term,” affirms Nicholas Nading, the Executive Vice President at Terrain Pharmacueticals.

Likewise, when doctors reach out to Terrain, it quickly responds by answering their questions and providing them with more product information. In many cases, it also sends them additional product samples to keep them engaged and excited about Terrain Pharmaceuticals products. “Our Trademark is Your Industry Leader in Non-Addictive Pain Relief. We pride ourselves not only on customer service but also on providing safe, effective, non-addictive, non-narcotic, and non-opioid topical pain relief to anyone and everyone suffering from chronic or acute pain,” adds Nicholas.

Continues Helping People Live a Healthy, Pain-Free Life

Since its inception, Terrain Pharmaceuticals has been continually engaging with new product development efforts in order to provide its patients across the United States superior formulations that truly provide them an unparalleled pain relief experience. Backed with a highly driven competent team, efficient pain management solutions, client-centric approach, and value-proposition, it continues helping people live a healthy, pain-free life. Moving ahead, it also plans to launch a new prescitption topical in the summer of 2022 that combines Diclofenac and Lidocaine. An exciting time for Terrain Pharmaceuticals as this will be the first product to market with those two active ingredient combination .