Dr.Travis M.Corcoran, Founder, TOPCHIRO

Nothing can appease humanity other than serving human beings, and nothing can pacify our souls without the love of humanity. Dr. Travis M. Corcoran, the founder of TOPCHIRO, a global name in chiropractic care, validates the statement with all its profundity and truthfulness. A compassionate soul dedicated to the wellness of humanity; Dr. Corcoran began his professional career as an associate doctor of chiropractic in a big organization. But the “destructive ethos” and regressive work culture of the company disconcerted him so much that he was compelled to leave the job. Nevertheless, the doctor was determined to hear his inner call and follow his passion for serving mankind. This led to the opening of his first office in the Netherlands. Within a short span, Dr. Corcoran rose to prominence as a most focused and caring chiropractor. Soon many other experts joined hands with him and helped him grow his business and create the benchmark where TOPCHIRO is standing today.

Gear up for a healthy expression, live the change at TOPCHIRO

The more we are graduating towards an age of progressive technology, the greater we become susceptible to immobility or loss of physical activity. The luxury of this age has made us incredibly inactive like never before in history. Amidst the race of time, we hardly spare a thought for our health until it groans, creaks, or cracks. Then we feel a sudden stiffness, inflexibility, and pain in our body, which, if left unaddressed or improperly treated, might cripple us and arrest our movement forever. At this juncture, we need a strong and reliable hand of a healthcare professional, who can lift us from this state of inertness.

This is where the chiropractors of TOPCHIRO come to play.

The company is known for its top-notch principled chiropractic care. Here, the specialists correct abnormalities in your spine, so that it may better adjust to the new position, and restore strength and flexibility to your backbone. They primarily focus on removing the blockages found in the spinal cord, which can cause stiffness in muscles relegating them to immobility. The chiropractors also see profound results with headaches, hernia, neck pain, joint pain, knee pain, or chronic pain triggered by osteoarthritis or migraine.

But the success of the company primarily rests on its laser-like and singular focus on the detection and correction of vertebral subluxations and this stands to be the USP of the company.

Though this subject of partial dislocation of vertebrae (vertebral subluxations) has undergone numerous studies and controversies, nothing could rule out the fact that misalignment of vertebral bones jeopardizes the optimal health expression of a person. As the nervous system is the master control system of the body, any malfunctioning of the spine could lead to the physical infirmity of the patient. Hence, at TOPCHIRO, while addressing an asymmetrical spinal cord, the doctors give utmost importance to vertebral subluxations, so that the problem could be resolved at the root and the patient gets permanent relief.

Unlike physical therapists, Dr. Corcoran and his team of dedicated professionals follow an intensive method of care, which is long-lasting and secure. They bring to the table an innovative and holistic protocol, where, apart from physical ailments, other factors like mental imbalances and apathy that can retard movement in patients, are also taken into consideration. So, they involve specialists in nutrition, movement, therapy, medicine, and psychology to provide complete health guidance.

This specialized focus and combination of evidence and logic-based care sets them apart from others in the line. While other physical therapists only treat the superficial soft tissue structures around the musculo-skeletal area of complaint, chiropractors at TOPCHIRO locate, analyze, and correct the vertebral subluxations that are interfering with the body’s own innate healing capacity. This reduces further spinal degeneration and helps them live the change for good.

Mission and vision

Elevating one from a state of poor health to a state of well-being is one of the noblest jobs that differentiates a doctor from any other professional. At TOPCHIRO, the team focuses on quality of care. It is an organization that vows to restore health and preserve life with much care and friendliness. Here, the members believe in building a strong rapport with their patients, which keeps them connected with their clients, beyond TOPCHIRO. This practice has become more pronounced under the aegis of Jose Ketob, the faithful colleague and chief administrative assistant of Dr. Corcoran. Being a cornerstone of the organization, Jose strongly reinforces the power of positivity, kindness, empathy, and compassion at every stage. It is her kind and generous nature that has enabled her to build a strong relationship with those she serves and every other member of her team, from suppliers to contractors. This won her the title of “the heart of the team”, whom the members admire and follow.

Dr. Travis Corcoran exhibits a much more traditional and strict style of leadership that demands accountability with fairness, reason, and understanding. Whatever may be the approaches of the leaders, their values uphold a single mission of extending help to the maximum number of people through chiropractic care and granting them access to a good life. More than alleviating the pain, the company emphasizes on prevention of illness. For this, at TOPCHIRO, patients are educated and made aware of the significance of the brain and nervous system in regulating optimal health expressions.

Way ahead

Ascending the pillar of success, Dr. Corcoran anticipates a dazzling prospect for their team at TOPCHIRO. Here, the leader integrates excellence with innovation and adopts the latest techniques and procedures in the chiropractic profession, which could serve every discerning need of its clients.

TOPCHIRO has wide scope for growth and learning. It facilitates free mentorship for eligible aspirants, who are eager to learn and grow with the company. Many of the international associate practitioners are even inspired to become master franchises of TOPCHIRO in countries outside of the Netherlands and spread its services and messages throughout the world. Already there has been some positive development in the UK and Italy. Thus, the company is looking forward to a more exciting journey, where they are determined to sail together in both quantity and quality and change the lives of millions.