Larry Morgan, CEO, TotalABA

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapists and clinics face many challenges helping children and adults with autism spectrum disorders. ABA therapists strive to give their time, energy, and attention to those they serve; however, the strenuous paperwork, challenging schedules, and demanding preparation can hamper their ability to do their job most efficiently. For clinics, the problem is compounded with additional issues such as staff management, billing, and reporting functions. So, how do we overcome these challenges?

The smart answer is to introduce practice management software to make certain that running the business does not compromise the quality of therapy service. When it comes to the ABA industry, Total ABA is a smart solution – a powerful, cloud-based, HIPAA compliant software system. Total ABA is specifically designed to solve the business needs forABA, Speech, Occupational and other BehavioralHealth therapy professionals. It delivers solutions for the full range of business needs: practice management, smart scheduling, data collection, and billing. Its robust features, ease-of-use, reliability, and security makes Total ABA the popular choice for thousands of therapists and clinics that use it every day.

Software Specifically Designed to Support ABA Therapy Providers

Total ABA was established in Temecula, California, in 2012 to support therapists and clinics providing therapy for those with autism and other spectrum disorders. Total ABA’s mission is to improve productivity and the quality of lives. Theydesigned the softwareto address the industry’s inherent challenges,enabling businesses to grow rapidly and operate at a high level of efficiency, thus, allowing therapists to spend more time working with their clients.

“Our customers are therapists working with the most vulnerable population and it is our job to make their job easier. We believe that ABA therapists and clinics deserve the best software and support to do their work well,” states, Larry Morgan, CEO.

Total ABA software is fully integrated, modular, and comprehensive which allows their customers to perform their managerial responsibilities, stay in charge of their revenue cycle, and track the progress of their students more efficiently. Total ABA software is built on the Salesforce, the leading customer relationship management platform, and is the only ABA software offered on the Salesforce App Exchange. This means that clients receive the additional benefits of unparalleled security, HIPAA compliance, customization, and scalability.

A Closer Look intoTotal ABA Software’sFeatures

  • Practice Management: “Total ABA has continually been enriched to stay on top of the technological advances and demands of the ever-evolving behaviouralhealth industry,”Mr. Morgan states.The Practice Management module is the core of Total ABA’s comprehensive system.  Customers can easily use thesmart scheduling feature, track insurance authorizations, client on-boarding, and manage payroll. They can track and filter appointments by student, therapist, or location, and schedule meetings accordingly. They can easily onboard new clients, capture vital details like emergency contact information and set alerts to easily follow up on important events. They can track staff hours, administrative time, studentsessions, and securely communicate with internal staff.
  • Clinical and Data Collection and Data Reporting: Total ABA’s robust clinical software module can easily capture student progress and record important data points, and behaviors. The enhanced graphing capabilities make tracking progress and reporting to insurance providers easy, minimizingdelays in reimbursement for services.
  • Billing: Total ABA’s billing software provides automated charge capture, error checking, tracking billable hours, and report generation which are fully integrated with its practice management and clinical software modules. It is also compatible with other billing and accounting software, thus making clients’ workflow easier and seamless.
  • Parent Portal:The Parent Portal is an extremely valuable tool to Total ABA’s customers. It primarily facilitates secure communication between parents and therapists, saving time and energy. It also enables parents to edit, update or cancel appointments,approve sessions, and pay bills online. Its latest feature allows clients to create fillable forms so that parents can easily update student records in real time.

“It’s completely secure and HIPAA compliant and can be used from the convenience and comfort of one’s home. Using the Parent Portal to broadcast messages regarding special events and to reduce the administrative paperwork of registration, delivers significant productivity improvements for the therapist and clinic,” Mr. Morgan says.

Supporting ABA Practitioners with a Highly Skilled and Dedicated Team

As CEO, Larry Morgan ispassionate about building winning teams capable of delivering the best quality services. He is proud of the highly skilled team at Total ABA – each member contributes their unique talents and efforts towards one driving goal – to improve productivity and quality of lives.

“Our development team works to continually improve functionality; our training and support teams accommodate our customers individual needs; and our sales and marketing department stay on top of industry trends and innovations to ensure Total ABA delivers best of breed services to the behavioural health industry,” Mr. Morgan says.

Well-Positioned as a Leading Software Partner for the ABA Industry

Total ABA is one of today’s top picks for therapists because of its commitment to provide robust, easy-to-use software.Total ABA enables their customersto save money, engage employees better, alleviate administrative burdens, treat more clients, and build a strong and successful organization.

Total ABA has been actively serving an increasing number of customers, enriching their functionality, and increasing industry out reach. “We are very excited about the next quarter which will deliver even more innovative product enhancements that have been in the works for some time,” Mr. Morgan updates. With continuous product enhancement and the release of new features, Total ABA is well positioned to maintain its product leadership next year as well. “What this really means to us, our customers and the behavioral health community is that more children on the autism spectrum will be helped – and that, to us as a company, is the greatest measure of success,” Mr. Morgan concludes.