Kevin McRaith

Kevin McRaith, President & CEO, Welldoc Inc

When it comes to adopting and implementing a new technology, the healthcare industry lags behind every other industry. For a long time, the healthcare industry appeared to resist change, even though those changes would significantly benefit patients. Slowly, as the mindset and organizational barriers to the adoption of technology broke down, digital health proved to have the potential to transform the way people interacted with the healthcare system.

As a trailblazer in digital health, Welldoc was incepted in Columbia, Maryland with a vision of empowering people across the globe to better self-manage their chronic conditions. It also enables health ecosystems to optimize interventions, clinical decisions, and population health.
With its thorough and extensive approach, regulatory clearances, patents, and membership in key forward-thinking initiatives/organizations, Welldoc continues to strengthen upon this foundation to dynamically meet the ever-changing market needs across healthcare.

Kevin McRaith, as President and CEO of the company, leads the team in the development and commercialization of innovative digital health solutions for people living with chronic conditions. He says, “We are leading the way with AI-driven digital coaching across multiple chronic conditions and comorbidities, including type 1 and type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart failure and prediabetes, and integrated behavioural health.”

Integrative Healthcare System

Welldoc’s comprehensive chronic care platform supports connected “care anywhere” by empowering healthcare stakeholders to extend face-to-face models with an adaptable chronic care platform. The secure platform scales care management programs for a whole-person view that helps deliver coordinated care and meaningful interventions at the right time. Through this platform, individuals can self-manage their conditions and live healthier through personalized AI-driven connections and coaching, the outputs of which seamlessly integrate into existing clinical workflows and enable meaningful interventions and optimized clinical decisions by care teams. At the population health level, the platform helps identify opportunities to understand and support populations. 

Mr. McRaith says, “By integrating personalized, real-time, and actionable insights into the daily lives of individuals living with chronic conditions, we’re enabling them to self-manage their care.” As digital health solutions do not work in a silo, Welldoc’s platform also enhances connections to an individual’s healthcare team, integrating, data and insights into care models to truly support optimized interventions and clinical decisions.

Welldoc collaborates directly with health plans, health systems, and employers to extend care, improve health, and reduce costs.

The entire health ecosystem, particularly health plans, health systems, and employers is increasingly charged with finding ways to reach people in efficient and scalable ways as part of a robust population health management program. “A cornerstone of complex chronic care management is prevention-based interventions to motivate positive lifestyle changes and adherence to treatment plans,” states, Mr. McRaith. 

The multi-faceted business model allows the company to co-develop solutions with health leaders and provides the platform for multiple types of healthcare environments. With many partners, Welldoc has successfully developed products to address complex chronic condition needs specific to their unique patient population.

Welldoc also supports multiple conditions and comorbidities, based on clinical standards and robust AI that provides the capabilities to drive personalization across conditions providing the right digital coaching to the right individual at the right time. This includes Welldoc Diabetes Rx/OTC, an FDA-cleared medical device (“BlueStar”), intended for use by healthcare providers and their adult patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

The Vision of the Company

Welldoc works to propel an advanced global chronic care model through data, engagement, connected care, and optimized clinical decisions. Mr. McRaith affirms, “Our approach is one of flexibility, scale, and partnership, extending care beyond the current standard approaches, but not replacing existing services and critical touchpoints.” He adds, “Our comprehensive chronic care approach is focused on prevention, self-management, connected care, and total health and we rigorously track metrics related to these goals. Some metrics related to health system outcomes, individual outcomes, and user satisfaction.”

The company Welldoc is committed to scientific research, advancing digital health, transforming chronic care, and driving value across healthcare. The 60+ clinical posters & publications, 25 patents, and 9 510(k) FDA clearances for BlueStar ®* inform its ongoing strategy and work.

Future Ahead

Welldoc has a multifaceted approach to continuing to evolve and lead in digital health. 

Globalization – Welldoc aims to expand commercialization beyond the US and Canada, into both Asia and Europe over the next 3 years. 

Increased Regulatory Clearances and Patents – In collaboration with its strategic partners, the company continues to expand its regulatory clearances and patents, extending its capabilities to support and manage complex chronic conditions. Further, it aims to advance its research efforts in multi-condition digital health engagement, artificial intelligence, cardiometabolic condition outcomes, cost and value, and real-world integration into the health ecosystem.

Achieving Scale

Welldoc believes that digital health is critical to scaling and extending care beyond traditional means. We continue to expand our partnerships with leaders and innovators in healthcare to achieve this scale in real-world settings. As we expand partnerships, we provide meaningful and actionable coaching and insights to individuals and the care teams who support them, while also shifting healthcare to prevention and optimized interventions and treatment decisions,” concludes, Mr. McRaith.