Selver Maric

Selver Maric, CPO, WizardHealth

Through technology, laboratories are becoming more sophisticated in the range and quality of services they offer. WizardHealth is laboratory software created by a group of enthusiasts enamored in technology for those who don’t want to live in the past. As the healthcare industry offers a lot of opportunities for a technological breakthrough, the founders spent a lot of time working on various projects trying to find the perfect niche and developed their first laboratory software as part of another project. In the world of ever-growing banality, the idea of helping people, and earning money while doing so, encouraged them to continuously work on the development and sales of their own portfolio of products for healthcare with a focus on LIS and laboratory diagnostics.

WizardHealth Company was founded in 1996, and since 2007 it is exclusively working in healthcare and the development of laboratory information systems. It was a remote-first company for 10 years when it first developed the first version of the WizardLab solution.

Selver Maric, CPO of WizardHealth says, “Surely, technologies, trends, as well as the number of our users have changed during all these years, but it seems to me that some things remain unchanged. We kept our creative mindset and initial enthusiasm. We still go to bed every night thinking about some questions which bother us, only to wake up in the morning with fresh ideas which will help us improve the way our customers work.”

Even today, in 70% of the cases, laboratory diagnostics is used for reaching medical decisions. The laboratory is the focal point of healthcare, and that puts a big burden on each laboratory information system and WizardHealth is no exception. The basic segment of LIS is the laboratory information system which successfully complements the work process eases, unifies, and accelerates all laboratory processes. WizardHealth’s quality bar-coding and sample tracking leaves no possibility of an error or infecting the healthcare system with false information. As a result, doctors obtain much more reliable information much quicker than they would inside some other healthcare ecosystem deprived of a quality LIS solution. Besides the company’s portfolio, it also offers two complementary solutions:

WizardAir helps doctors make more precise orders and offers a simple interpretation of laboratory results.

PulseBI is an analytical tool that allows healthcare ecosystems to analyze all laboratory data.

Currently, WizardHealth works with 20 full-time employees in development, customer support, sales, and product design. In addition, the company has associates who work outside the organization as consultants or partners responsible for executing certain aspects of its business model. “Over 250 laboratories of different sizes and specialties use our software. These laboratories can be found inside various organizational environments. Some are inside a chain of private laboratories, some are big clinical laboratories, while some others are complete eco-systems of laboratories in a regional entity or a state,” affirms Maric. Over the years, the company has been steadily growing and last year, the revenue turned out in the range of millions of dollars.

Standing out in the Market

“We never agreed with the idea that every healthcare software has to be comprehensive. It’s nothing but a paradigm that’s been accepted long ago, and it still dominates in the world of healthcare software,” says Maric. “Since the inception, we have believed that this is not a war where the one who wins will be the one who offers more features and clicks.” The company’s core premise and the basic point of differentiation are that it nurtures the idea to make the software remain stable, user-friendly, and simple to use.

WizardHealth also invests a lot of energy and effort into communication between software and analyzers. The company has developed an in-house middleware solution ‘Hono’, which allows the company to establish seamless two-way communication without any human intervention. It provides a customer support team that is available 24/7 and replies in minutes. Maric says, “In healthcare, we find waiting and delays unacceptable, and always give our 1000% to make sure it doesn’t happen.”

Leading During a Crisis

WizardHealth plans to offer laboratories of various sizes and specialties a high-end laboratory system that is still simple to use and doesn’t require big initial investments. The outbreak of the global pandemic didn’t harm the business financially but increased demand for LIS, especially with private laboratories. “Minor negative effect of the global pandemic is that we often receive inquiries from laboratories that want LIS strictly for issuing test results reports with online QR code validation and similar features which we implemented, but don’t consider them to be a core value of LIS.

Future Roadmap

According to Selver Maric, the healthcare market is unusually conventional, and it’s not enough to have a quality product, good online presence, and efficient sales. He believes that to grow in these industries, it is crucial to have a global network of partners. Along with the continuous development of quality products, this past year we were working intensively on developing quality partner networks.

“We are open for global cooperation with all companies that consider our portfolio and experience in laboratory environments complementary, with the end goal to mutually enter certain markets,” concludes Selver Maric .

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