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AIDA, a new chatbot, arrives in Italy, aimed at those who suffer from type 1 and type 2 diabetes, or even to the families involved in this issue. The Novo Nordisk chatbot, developed by H-Farm, intends to provide a concrete hand in the treatment and information of this problem without replacing the referring physician in any way.

What can AIDA do concretely?

AIDA is a highly innovative tool designed to communicate and answer numerous questions about diabetes. There are many questions that the chatbot answers: can I continue to work? What is best to eat? What’s the best way to tell my friends about it? To help people with diabetes, a real digital assistant helps users navigate the world of diabetes and find scientifically based answers to the questions asked. AIDA answers questions about diabetes and its implications talks about nutrition.

At the same time, the chatbot will never talk about what it does not know or knows partially, suggesting, in fact, in the most specific cases, to contact your doctor.

“Nearly 4 million people in Italy are affected by type 1 or 2 diabetes. A pool of patients who must be protected from inappropriate information and fake news, which can lead to underestimating the disease, jeopardize the adoption of correct styles of life and compromise adherence to therapy ”says Dr. Cristina Bianchi, Diabetologist at the UO Metabolic Diseases and Diabetology of the Pisan University Hospital.

To which, Dr. Basilio Pintaudi, Medical Direction Diabetes Service Niguarda Hospital in Milan, says, “The World Health Organization (WHO) has shown that only 50% of people with type 2 diabetes are fully adherent to the therapies. The most effective solution to increase adherence presupposes greater patient awareness.” Further, he adds, “It has been shown that the more the patient plays an active role through effective information, the more motivated he is to respect the doctor’s instructions.”

The chatbot also helps doctors 

In addition to being a good ally for a diabetic or a friend or family member, AIDA is also an excellent ally for doctors. It does not intend to replace the latter, but rather to lighten their work. In fact, it deals with minor doubts, leaving more space for those who need real help face to face. Furthermore, it allows the patient to manage his pathology autonomously, effectively reinforcing the dissemination activity carried out up to that moment by the trusted doctor.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, AIDA does not stop at the simple answer: it also analyzes the questions from an emotional point of view and tries to respond appropriately to the interlocutor if he finds – in his words – fears, fears, and stresses related to the daily management of the pathology, promoting physical and psychological well-being. AIDA helps to understand simply and directly, even scientific topics, without ever wanting to replace the doctor.

Dra go Vuina, General Manager & Corporate Vice President of Novo Nordisk, Italy concludes: “Novo Nordisk’s commitment goes far beyond our products. We are in fact at the forefront of offering solutions and tools for Digital Health and Artificial intelligence. AIDA is the first example of this commitment that sees our company engaged in the search for solutions and digital tools aimed at improving the conditions of people with diabetes.”