Apps that help you to reduce anxiety and depression

Unfortunately, anxiety becomes part of the lives of an increasing number of people. Whether at mild levels such as occasional anxiety attacks before major or pathological events when it becomes a disorder and requires care and medical monitoring. 

Regardless of the type of anxiety that affects you, none of the situations is pleasant. You may have major problems arising from minor anxiety attacks, from self-boycotting and giving up on commitments to the results of new disorders such as obsessive-compulsive patterns and depression. 

To help you fight anxiety, we have listed some apps available for both IOS and Android systems. Check out what interests you most, download it on your cell phone, and combine it with the treatment done by a specialist:


One of the major concerns is with the increase in cortisol, a hormone that is released with anxiety and stress. “The increase in this hormone can lead to increased skin oiliness, acne, hair loss, and weight gain. Physical exercise and meditation are indicated to reduce cortisol”, says dermatologist Dra Paola Pomerantzeff. 

Incidentally, meditation is almost unanimous in the advice of doctors. “The practice of meditation, at least 15 minutes a day, is very potent in these moments, mainly because of anxiety and thinking about many things at the same time”, explains Dr. Mário Farinazzo.

 Besides, meditation can prepare your mind to deal with future stressors. A relaxing application that allows you to meditate anywhere is the Headspace. There are a series of step-by-step breathing exercises, guided meditation, and much more. The first week is free, and, after that, there are subscription plans, with special prices for students and families.


Calm’s proposal is to provide less stress, less anxiety, and more sleep to its users through guided meditations, breathing exercises, and relaxing music entitled to sounds of nature. Guided meditation sessions can be shorter, lasting 3 or 5 minutes, but can also be longer, from 10 to 25 minutes. The user can choose the duration that is most convenient for him. Besides, Calm also explores different themes amid the meditations (such as self-esteem, focus, and concentration). 


Created by the NGO AnxietyBC in collaboration with British Columbia Children’s Hospital in Canada, the app is aimed at pre-teens and teenagers. MindShift provides accessible explanations of what anxiety is and gives tips on how to deal with it. There is everything from a diary to vent to advice and inspiration within the app. It is available in English on the Apple Store and Google Play.


The E-Moods app is aimed at patients with psychological disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. Every day, you log in to the app and answer how many hours you slept that night and your mood – whether you had depressive, euphoric, anxious, irritable, or psychotic symptoms. 

Besides, you can enter information about your weight, medicines you take, if you are in therapy, and notes. E-Moods display your data in graphical form, so you can understand how sleep, weight, and medication are associated with your mood. The application is free and available for iOS and android.

Wrapping up

While it is true that technology can be used to isolate you and make your mood problems worse, but it also has a different side. The technology can also offer you the support, guidance, and even the possibility of communicating with other people who can help you. 

The most important thing is to remember that depression or anxiety is nothing more than an illness, and as such, it can be treated: take whatever measures are in your power, and seek help if you need it.

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