Benefits of using internal chat in the clinic

Until recently, e-mail was the main means of internal communication adopted by businesses of all sizes and segments. However, with the need for greater agility in the exchange of information, internal chat at the clinic has conquered more and more space in the corporate world. 

In medical clinics, this feature is even more useful, since through it the exchange of messages takes place in real-time and allows for faster service to patients. It is even possible to include more than one participant in the chat, in addition to opening simultaneous conversations, just as it happens in personal instant messaging applications, widely used today worldwide. The internal chat for companies brings several benefits when implemented in medical clinics. In this post, you will get to know each one of them in more detail and understand the reasons why they adopt this feature in their clinic’s internal communication. 

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Simple to use

 Most people are already used to the use of instant messaging applications in their daily lives, such as those offered on social networks. The internal chat for companies works very much like them, which makes it much easier for your team to adapt to the news. In addition to the simplest use, it is also necessary to take into account the fact that many of the decisions that are made in the daily life of a business depend on communication with other people. Through chat, this communication becomes faster and more direct, including between team members who are outside the clinic.

Easy to upload files 

The internal chat for companies also allows the exchange of files in several formats, including image, audio, and video. In this way, the resource further simplifies the communication of your clinic, even allowing the sending of complementary content for a better understanding of the messages transmitted. 

For example, in aesthetic and dermatological clinics, sending photographs helps to speed up the exchange of ideas between specialists. As a result, this ends up leading to more efficient treatments for patients.

Centralization of information 

The option of a direct and more agile communication channel allows all communication to be centralized on it. In this way, it will become easier to find information exchanged during conversations in the histories generated by it. This feature is very important, especially when dealing with projects and processes that involve many employees, as the records can be separated and classified by the team member.

Provides greater information security

 As it is an exclusive communication channel of the company, its use is restricted to persons who have been authorized. This limitation of access facilitates the maintenance of the confidentiality of the information and also allows for restriction of the options for sharing it. 

Besides, in the case of information leakage, it is possible to locate sources much more easily than when records are spread over several channels. If the loss of data integrity occurs, the lost information can still be recovered. Still talking about security, the internal chat for companies also uses security features, such as encryption, which ensures the confidentiality of messages exchanged.


We have already shown how the internal chat will be useful to organize and bring more practicality to the office’s communication.  In addition to more efficient and organized internal communication, you will also have access to several other resources to improve your clinic’s processes, which will result in better care.

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