Abhimanyu Bhosale, CEO & Co-Founder, CrelioHealth

In this constantly evolving world of Laboratory Management Information Systems, companies providing LIMS solutions compete to offer the best quality services and systems. While many such companies adopt new models to integrate a pandemic-friendly strategy, CrelioHealth remains sure of itself. Headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India, CrelioHealth is a cloud-based LIS and RIS solution that enables Laboratory staff, doctors, and patients to easily access and manage medical information using the same platform. The company was founded by two industry veterans Abhimanyu Bhosale and Mukund Malani in 2013. It is a group of young enthusiasts who are passionate about building the best line of products in healthcare diagnostics. 

In 2020, CrelioHealth entered the global market expanding its operations in the US and UK and currently has 112 employees with 1122 customers across the countries and has revenue growth of 15 cr.

For small businesses, the company offers a full range of tools for businesses, doctors, and patients providing a complete digital experience. On the other hand, for large businesses, the company offers high reliability of services with over 99.98% uptime. It provides consistent support with tons of integrations with 3rd party & other software services making data management in business easier.

One-Stop Cloud-based Laboratory

With a mission to empower people to make better decisions through easy access to information, CrelioHealth creates competitive differentiation of products in the market and a wide range of options for healthcare facilities. The company offers LIMS (Laboratory Information Management Software), PACS (Picture Archival & Communication System) Integrated with RIS (Radiology Information Software), Inventory Solutions, COVID-19 Workflows, and NABL Audit Tool.

CrelioHealth is a one-stop cloud-based laboratory information management Solution (LIS) that enables the diagnostic centers and laboratories to streamline operations with custom workflows, online billing & payments, configurable report formats, digital report delivery, and automated communications via multiple channels like Mobile app (for doctors & patients), WhatsApp, email and SMS to patients, referrals and business partners.

The company’s portfolio includes Crelio CRM, CrelioHealth for Diagnostics, and Crelio Inventory.

CrelioCRM – CrelioCRM transforms client’s online booking experience & automates patient communication with their existing software. It is the first end-to-end patient relationship management solution for the digital age today.

CrelioHealth for Diagnostics – It brings diagnostics data to the center of the healthcare ecosystem, and transforming the patient experience. It digitizes and manages every step in the client’s lab process, from front desk to report delivery and everything in between.

Crelio Inventory – Crelio Inventory is an online platform to manage lab inventory, stock, and purchases. It tracks the inventory easily using a digital ledger to manage stock consumption from multiple departments and stores.

In addition, the company provides CrelioHealth PACS, a digital platform for medical imaging and analysis that works on on-demand access.

Mr. Abhimanyu says, “Problems can be solved the easy way or the right way. We pride ourselves on solving it the right way. For Healthcare Providers, we not only help them work remotely but also efficiently.” CrelioHealth helps clients visualize their finances and operations with analytics, charts, and statistics while maintaining the focus on the patient. “We help you manage your medical records without you having to do anything. We bring our understanding of healthcare and analytics to help you manage your health better and more easily,” adds, Mr. Mukund.

Envisioning Success

CrelioHealth’s vision is to bring diagnostics data to the center of the healthcare ecosystem, where healthcare providers and customers are connected in a single environment. The company provides 99% server uptime and guarantees HIPAA compliance to secure laboratory operations and make them future-ready. Its patient-centric approach, most recent and advanced technologies, product first mindset, young and passionate team differentiates CrelioHealth from its peers in the industry. “We are expanding to newer markets like US, EU and also launching products like CRM, Inventory, etc for our existing customer profile,” concludes Mr. Abhimanyu.

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