All of us know families that have family doctors. No matter what healthcare concern anyone from the family may have, they always go to their doctor for help. From diagnosing the problems themselves to suggesting other doctors if need be, these family doctors generally take care of all the medical issues of the family members. But what if you didn’t have a family doctor, or anyone else for that matter to at least direct you along the right path to get your health problem fixed? Finding the right doctor would surely become a hassle, wouldn’t it? Do not fear, your problems could soon become a thing of the past because DocDoc is here to help solve all your medical needs. 

DocDoc is a company from Singapore that helps patients in need find the right doctor from its vast virtual network of physicians and hospitals. DocDoc’s founders Grace and Cole started the company to help people much like themselves. They understand the mindset of a patient because they’ve experienced scares in their lives just like any other individual with medical conditions.

When the head liver surgeon of a well known hospital told them that their 90 day old daughter needed liver surgery, their world turned upside down. Moreover, their doctor was not willing to give them guidance on his qualifications to perform the procedure. But luckily, they were able to find the right person thanks to Grace’s contacts made from 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry. And even though they had people to help them out, they understood that not everyone has that privilege. For this reason, Grace and Cole founded DocDoc, to help people find the best medical help without any inconvenience. 

DocDoc basically harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to help patients find the doctor that they need. HOPE (heuristic for outcome, price, and experience) is DocDoc’s artificial intelligence powered doctor discovery engine. The system’s knowledge model utilizes proprietary clinical informatics and international medical codes to run a discoverable, comparable database. It is even designed in such a way that it can run with international datasets including SNOMED CT, International Classification of Diseases (ICD), and Current Procedures and Terminology (CPT).

The system then applies this knowledge model and additional learning algorithms to comprehensive healthcare data collected from the DocDoc network. DocDoc’s formula for healthcare factors in three main criteria, the outcome, price, and experience. Outcome is the clinical result of your case, this includes time for recovery, risk of complication and betterment in health. Price is of course all the charges associated with the provided healthcare services which includes physician service cost, medication expenses etc. And finally, experience refers to the satisfaction levels of the customers which is based on customer feedback. 

By using HOPE doctors trained in doctor discovery consultation provide data driven advice and a customised list of recommended physicians for any DocDoc policy holder. Moreover, the physician list is generated and customized to best suit the specific needs and medical conditions of the customer. This ultimately enables the policyholder to make safe and transparent choices. 

Docdoc takes credibility very seriously. The company ensures that their customers are provided with the most comprehensive data to help them make the best decision possible. They do this by including data that doctors generally don’t disclose like number of times a procedure is performed each year, legal actions against a physician, and pricing. The collected information is also verified with all necessary legal bodies and government agencies to confirm its legitimacy. This time intensive screening procedure ensures that only the best doctors join their extensive, high quality network. 

DocDoc combines the best of both worlds. By using the power of AI technology and recruiting the best medical professionals to their growing network of over 23,000 doctors and 793 hospitals, DocDoc is in a class of its own in terms of quality healthcare service. And considering the growth rate of the company, there is no doubt that DocDoc will continue to help more people progressively throughout the Asia Pacific region.