Dr Daniel Fallscheer

Dr.Daniel Fallscheer, Co-Founder & CEO, Daslab

“Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader; they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role, always about the goal.” The above quote by Jeremy Bravo perfectly captures the true essence of impactful leadership. True leaders possess an unbridled enthusiasm to make a difference with their ideas and unwavering determination to accomplish their objectives. They seek solutions that have never been sought and strive to bring change in the industry through their endeavors. Given below is the story of one such persevering and idealist leader, Dr. Daniel Fallscheer who is setting an instance of dedicated leadership in the healthcare industry and impeccably contributing to the evolution in the sector with his evolutionary perspective and ventures. As a Co-Founder & CEO of DasLab,  the ardent leader’s vision is to make patients healthier by providing universal access to the highest quality of diagnostics at low cost.

Stepping Into the Healthcare Industry

Having an educational background in Corporate Strategy and Corporate Finance, Dr. Fallscheer commenced his professional journey in the corporate world. However, while working in Siemens Healthineers as a Member of Staff in the CEO and CFO office, he started to build an unwavering passion for healthcare. Fueled by this passion and vision to make an operational impact in the healthcare system, he joined Medtronic in Germany. Being a global leader in medical technology, services, and solutions, the company was focused on increasing patient outcomes at lower costs in line with the value-based health model with its enhanced service and solution portfolio. In 2020, the ardent entrepreneur joined Florio to build a multi-sided digital patient-engagement platform for hemophilia patients. The same year, when the pandemic hit the world, Dr. Fallscheer along with three industry veterans decided to develop DasLab, a digital testing platform aimed at simplifying and democratizing access to lab tests.

Digitizing Diagnostics and Simplifying Access to Lab Tests

During the rise of the pandemic, it became transparent that digitalization in the field of medical testing could be a big lever to fight the pandemic in a more efficient and effective way. Thus, as one of the best ways to contribute to the fight against the crisis and SDG3, DasLab was born. “Health journeys have historically been fragmented. So, our platform addresses that by giving patients better control of their health. By providing our customers with better access to lab tests and digitizing diagnostics, we are revolutionizing healthcare,” affirms Dr. Fallscheer.

Since its inception in September 2020, the pioneering company has conducted more than 500.000 tests via its digital testing platform. It works with big partners like TUI on the frontend of the platform and with major lab partners like Unilabs at the backend. “We generate revenue since day one. We already had months with positive cashflow. The team grew from  4 founders to 30+ full-time employees up until now. We conducted an oversubscribed 7-digitPre-Seed round and are at the moment in the closing of a bigger Seed round with high profile VCs from Europe,” elucidates Dr. Fallscheer.

Working with speed, accuracy, and confidentiality as its core values, DasLab is able to build workflows for PCR, Antigen & Antibody Testing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Following that success, the company has been working to develop a host of applications for its state-of-the-art healthcare and logistic platform to support its clients’ health journey during and beyond the pandemic. 

The Strategy of Success

Every successful business leader has their own set of principles, beliefs, and core values, which sets them apart from the rest. For Dr. Fallscheer, the key to entrepreneurial success lies in the following seven essential strategies:  

  • Be a pioneer: question the status quo and build something that really matters and have a clear guiding vision and mission
  • Be creative and collaborative: value ideas over hierarchy
  • Be Human: your people are your key assets–hire and develop the best talent
  • Be Nimble: move fast and agile and better fail fast
  • Physical presence isn’t essential – we founded completely virtual and will continue to work in a “virtual first” setting in the future as well
  • Cash is king, queen, and the whole royal family
  • Think big

Continues Accelerating Digital Health Revolution in Europe

Under the insightful leadership of Dr. Fallscheer, DasLab continues to expand its ability to become the number one provider of vendor-neutral at-home and professional medical tests in Europe by the year 2025.As the company pursues new paths for innovation, it aspires to become a strong enabler for the digital health revolution in Europe. “We truly believe in “hybrid” care models (a smart combination of digital and physical care). Also, we believe in empowered patients & consumers and our platform will serve this need in a never existing way for the important role of lab tests in medical treatments,” asserts Dr. Fallscheer.

As a strategic step towards this goal, the company is currently upgrading its digital platform product to allow even more use cases and integrations with several new platform partners. Meanwhile, it is strengthening its presence in 2 European countries, Germany and Spain while planning to further expand its regional coverage in the coming months.

“We will also expand our regional footprint with the target to be present in all European countries by 2025. In the mid-term we will also offer advanced digital lab diagnostics tools and methods,” concludes Dr. Fallscheer.

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