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SurgiQ, an Italian start-up, specializes in helping public and private hospitals to better plan the activities. It has received mentoring and financial support in this year’s EIT Health Headstart program, which has just concluded an equity financing operation for an amount of 410,000 euros to further develop its innovative solution, the Q-planner. 

Q-planner is an automated tool based on artificial intelligence. The purpose of the solution is to save time for hospitals in efficiently allocating resources.

The operation, which has a strong industrial connotation, is the result of collaboration between Digital Magics, which contributed with an investment of 100,000 euros, and CDP Venture Capital Sgr – National Innovation Fund through the AccelerORA, of the Accelerators Fund, which invested a sum of 150,000 euros. Furthermore, the funding round was followed by a series of private healthcare entrepreneurs under the guidance of Michele Nicchio, president of AIOP Giovani, the young entrepreneurs’ section of the National Association of Private Healthcare Companies. SurgiQ has raised a total of around € 1 million in investments over the last 4 years from a range of players, including healthcare entrepreneurs.

“This unique combination of financial and industrial investors, some of whom are already our customers, will fuel our growth,” says Ivan Porro, CEO of SurgiQ.

SurgiQ simplifies and optimizes the management of care pathways, thanks to a unique approach to data visualization and traceability and the use of Artificial Intelligence for the automatic planning of critical resources such as operating rooms, gyms, beds, staff, etc.

During 2020, the start-up was able to support its customers by releasing specific features for Covid, to help them manage care correctly and easily plan resources, minimizing blockages caused by the pandemic. The company will also use the loan to strengthen strategic partnerships with the University of Genoa – DIBRIS, and with an important pharmaceutical company, for the development of new product features.

“We are proud of this new investment – comments Chiara Maiorino, Regional Manager South Europe, EIT Health InnoStars – because it confirms the value we had glimpsed in the company and which we had rewarded with the EIT Health Headstart grant. We are delighted to see that SurgiQ was able to benefit from the grant to exploit its potential”.

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