Essential medical devices that should be available at your home

One of the many lessons of this pandemic is that you cannot let your health depend 100% on others. You have to take responsibility individually, family, and collectively for the way you eat, your processes of personal cleaning, and how you prevent yourself from discomfort or illness.

In addition to reviewing yourselves with medical specialists periodically, it is necessary to rely on essential medical devices to monitor the basic indicators of your general health that can alert you to any abnormality in your physical condition. For instance, Diabetes mellitus, cardiac arrhythmias, arterial hypertension, are among other serious non-communicable chronic diseases that are preventable and easily detectable if you have the right instruments. And, to get aware of your health conditions, you must have a minimum of medical equipment to provide first aid or check if it is necessary to go to a clinic. 

So, here are 5 medical devices you must have in your home.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

 It is essential to monitor your blood pressure at home if you have already been diagnosed. This way, you can make sure you take your medications correctly, you have more accurate data on your pressure, and you can be consistent in your care. The blood pressure monitor acquires your records and keeps track of your health status anytime you want because it is easy to use and fully automatic. This home monitor takes pressure readings quickly and easily.

Pulse oximeter 

This device is vital in this time of the spread of coronavirus. It is a small device that resembles tweezers to press a finger. It measures the levels of oxygenation in the blood and heart rate. After placing it, after a few seconds, its screen indicates a value that, under normal conditions, should mark a range of percentages between 95 and 98. Some people handle lower readings, but there is no cause for alarm unless the percentages are less than 92%. A low level of oxygen in the blood translates into a lack of it in tissues and, consequently, in vital organs.


Diabetes is one of the consequences of obesity and can be kept under control with the help of Glucometer. Thanks to this device, it helps monitor blood sugar levels in people with diabetes or suspected of suffering from this chronic disease. Pharmacies offer several brand options.

They have a slot in which small disposable test strips are placed and a screen that indicates glycemia (glucose measurement). It is accompanied by a kind of “pen” which is a mechanism for inserting needles to prick the fingers, which after being bitten produces a small drop of blood that is placed on a test strip.

Inhaler machine

These machines, when used with saline water or albuterol improve congestion, fatigue, coughing of children and family members. Oxygenation machines can save the life of a patient with asthma and fatigue. This machine helps with treatment for patients with severe heart and lung failure and prevents congestion, and oxygenates the blood outside the body.

The Thermometer 

The medical thermometer is the first health tool that intervenes when a person has a fever. It allows you to determine your body temperature and assess the extent of hyperthermia to call a medical professional if necessary. Even more important is a medical thermometer for a pregnant woman, child, or newborn baby.

Many people ignore the importance and usefulness of having health equipment such as blood pressure monitors, medical thermometers, and blood glucose meters at home. We hope this article has enlightened you on the subject.

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