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Dr. Henry Odunlami, Founder & CEO, Genpsych PC

In recent years, we have seen an increased interest rate in the use of technologies to improve health care. Particularly in mental health care, the potential of technology is significant. Technology promises to bridge the gaps in access to services, improve the quality of care, and deliver personalized treatments. One such company that leverages technology to provide quality mental health services is Genpsych PC.

Headquartered in Bridgewater, New Jersey, Genpysch PC is a premier mental health and substance abuse treatment provider dedicated to helping people regain their emotional and physical health in a safe, supportive environment.The company was founded in October 2005 as a Mental Health Outpatient officein Bound Brook NJ with a vision to provide quality mental health care in the greater Bridgewater, NJ area.Initially, it had only three employees, but it grew overtime and expanded its network of providers and services to become New Jersey’s premier outpatient mental health and substance abuse facility.

The Journey of Genpsych 

The company opened its first program, the Intensive Outpatient evening program in November 2008. Genpsych was the first in the area that catered to busy professionals by offering mental health services during the evening. Soon in the year 2009, the company established the Partial Care Hospitalization Program, Morning Intensive Outpatient Program, and the Adolescent Program.In March 2010, Genpsych opened its second location in Hamilton NJ and started offering the same range of programs as the initial Bridgewater location.

Then owing to the ever-growing demand for quality mental health and substance abuse treatment, it rapidly expandedto other locations such as Brick, Livingston,and Flemington. In 2015, Genpsych started its first ambulatory detoxification program to provide quality substance abuse treatment in a comfortable environment. After two years, it opened its first international program called in Lagos Nigeria to provide inpatient substance abuse and mental health services and outpatient services to the community.

Genpsych’sgrowth is focused on providing consistent and compassionate Behavioral treatment.Having convenient locations throughout New Jersey, today, the company is working closely with a wide range of clients and their family members to provide convenient, effective psychological services and support.

It uses a multidisciplinary team for all the programs conducted. The multidisciplinary team consists of Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Nurses, Therapists, Mental Health Techs, and an Administrative team.

 “Genpsych prides itself on nurturing “The Genpsych Family’ which means that we take our therapists and Nurse practitioners while they are students and we nurture them through their out their careers. This ensures that our staff is quality driven and loyal,”asserts Dr. Henry Odunlami, the founder and CEO at Genpsych.

Offering Comprehensive Mental Health Services

“Genpsych is a privately-owned Chapter S corporation formed to privatize, manage, and offer mental health and substance abuse services to the community,” says Dr. Henry.

The company provides comprehensive treatment including psychiatric evaluations, medication protocols, substance abuse treatment, group therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy all in one of its convenient locations.It mainly specializes in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Eating disorders, and Trauma, Military, and Solution-focused therapies.

It treats a wide range of clients aged from 8yrs to 75yrs and offersgroup, individual, and medication management. For added convenience and better behavioral care, the company also provides Tele-behavioral Health Service and other treatment programs including Yoga, Music, and Art therapy.Participants of the program also have the opportunity to attend cognitive, psychodynamic, vocational, educational, and relaxation groups.

“Our treatment programs are comprehensive consisting of Yoga, Music, and Art therapy. We focus on both the Medication stabilization and Holistic aspects of care. It is the ability to combine and balance both aspects of Behavioral care that makes Genpsych special,” affirms Dr. Henry.Genpsych was recognized and rewarded with the title ‘The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations ‘(JCAHO)’ accreditation for quality service.

Leveraging Technologies to Overcome Obstacles

According to Dr. Henry, one of the most significant challenges in the industry is offering quality mental health care at an affordable price. Most comprehensive Behavioral Health Programs go the Boutique route, where they do not accept insurance and exclude a large segment of the population from their services. As Genpysch is in-network with all Major NJ insurance companies, the company is bringing these services to mainly a working-class population at an affordable price.

“We are rapidly expanding our Telehealth services; our goal is to make Mental Health more Accessible so that clients can talk to their providers and therapists at work or home at most times of the day,” says Dr. Henry.

The company is also in the process of opening Telehealth Mental Health and Substance abuse, Partial care, and Intensive outpatient programs so thatits clients who need these programs but are unable to attend at their sites, can receive them at their convenience.Genpsych always strives to be an early adopter of new, proven technology, explore and develop innovative approaches to mental health care delivery, and conduct appropriate training programs for its staff members.

Today, as the outbreak of COVID-19 wreaking havoc on global health, many companies including Genpsych are undergoing many challenges. But fortunately, due to the technological advancement at Genpsych, the company was the first Behavioral Health program to move all its programs to Telehealth even before social distancing guidelines were passed out in NJ. It understands the importance of maintaining the ability to provide the community with behavioral health and substance abuse services despite current barriers. Thus, it is stepping up to support its clients amid this global pandemic by operating on a remote basis and providing ongoing treatment for new and current patients with the use of telehealth services.

Dr. Henry says, “We can continue to support our clients through this difficult period without putting our staff and clients at risk.”

Moving Towards Sustainable Growth

To make its services reach more people, Genpsych intends to continue its growth and expand further. Currently, the company is in the process of opening additional facilities in New Jersey including Jersey City and Wayne. “The opening of these sites has been delayed due to the Corona-Virus Crisis; however we intend to open once the Crisis is over. We are also in the process of discussions so that we can expand our services to other states,” concludes Mr. Henry.

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