HRA Pharma

David Wright, CEO, HRA Pharma

HRA Pharma is a fast-growing, innovative consumer healthcare company, empowering people throughout the world to improve their lives by developing accessible, value-added, and self-care solutions. Headquartered in France, the company has a proven structure, the skills, and experience to capture new consumer healthcare businesses and deliver high-quality brands on a global scale.

Incepted in 1996, the company’s objective was to provide therapeutic solutions to medical needs that had not been addressed previously by large pharmaceutical groups. Nearly twenty years later, the reality has surpassed the dreams of the company.

Innovative Portfolio

Innovation is the task of everyone at HRA Pharma and is a part of its culture and ethos. David Wright, CEO of the company says, “From our modest beginnings, HRA Pharma has become an innovative, award-winning, OTC-focused and rapidly growing company, with direct operational presence in 11 European countries and partnerships that have extended the availability of its products to over 90 countries worldwide.”

The company is also a pioneer in women’s healthcare and has become the European leader in emergency hormonal contraception. The company’s women’s healthcare franchise, including innovative and value-added products and ambitious projects under development, constitutes a major engine of the future growth of HRA Pharma.

HRA Pharma is an expert in the treatment of rare diseases. It has built a portfolio of three essential endocrinology therapeutic medicines, the development of which is accelerating across Europe. The company also provides a Wound Care portfolio and it offers Compeed-an an iconic, well trusted, and beloved global brand that offers a wide variety of high-quality innovative solutions for preventing and treating blisters, bunions, callus, corns, cracked heels, and cold sores.

In addition, HRA Pharma also has a Scar Care portfolio. It offers Mederma – an iconic brand with high-quality solutions for reducing the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Code of Ethics

HRA Pharma believes that acting ethically is as important as economic success and the quality of its products. Its vision is to empower people throughout the world to improve their lives by developing accessible, value-added self-care solutions, which make ethics a must. “We are in the business of health, and as such, we impact people’s lives and wellbeing daily,” shares Mr. Wright.  

The HRA Pharma way is building on the strengths-focused on the future. The company’s ethical principles are embedded in its genetic makeup. They shape HRA Pharma’s culture, underpin reputation, and guide its daily operations.

“Believing that integrity is the basis of the longevity and success of our activities and aware of the impact that our products have not only on patient’s life quality but also societies all over the world, we strive in our dedication towards the individuals, society and environment healthcare to comply with one of the most stringent ethics policies,” says Mr. Wright.

According to him, responsibility, exemplarity, respect for the rights of individuals, environmental protection, patient and consumer interests, transparency, integrity, and loyalty are the fundamental principles that guide the company’s ethical commitment to stakeholders.

At HRA Pharma, the team strives to be an exemplary enterprise and integrate ethics into the heart of their business practices. Mr. Wright affirms, “Our governance relies on our Board of Directors, and Executive Leadership Team, which are composed of talented, diverse individuals, who dream of innovation and progress, dare to push the boundaries of healthcare, and share their values and knowledge to help HRA Pharma meet the challenges of the future.”

Future Roadmap

In the future, HRA Pharma aims to become one of the fastest-growing Consumer Healthcare companies while building on strengths for the benefit of the customers. “We are developing new products and identifying new opportunities that fit our unique skills. Backed by supportive shareholders, we have the resources to pursue our growth strategy and capitalize on investment opportunities as we uncover them,” concludes Mr. Wright.