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Luis Rodriguez, President, Keycentrix

Keycentrix has a long history of providing software and technology for the pharmacy and healthcare industries. The company has served these industries with value-added solutions for nearly 50 years and has been recognized for its reliable, accurate, and configurable technology solutions, which include a portfolio of inventory management, patient engagement, and point-of-sale (POS) systems for specialty, retail, mail-order, and direct-to-consumer (DTC) pharmacies.

The Journey of the Company

Since its inception in 1974, Keycentrix has become a nationally known pharmacy software company serving customers across the U.S., including Alaska. Recognized as a leader in its field, Keycentrix is a founding member of the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy (NASP) and an active industry thought-leader in pharmacy technology. It was the first independent pharmacy technology company to be awarded the White Coat Award by Surescripts, the administrator of the largest health information exchange in the U.S.

Luis Rodriguez, president of the company says, “The journey so far has been rewarding in that we get to opportunity to support highly skilled healthcare practitioners – pharmacists who are making patients’ lives better every day.”

The company has one of the greatest advantages in its longevity in the market. Keycentrix has been continually developing its services and software to help pharmacies run better to help them become more profitable. This has been especially true with emerging segments such as specialty and mail-order, where complexities such as reporting requirements and increased measures for patient care require a system that can handle extra steps without becoming complicated to use. 

Groundbreaking Products and Services

Keycentrix first offered a prescription service called Scrip19 using magnetic tapes to submit Medicaid Title 19 claims in the 1970s. As backup technology evolved in the early 1980s, Scrip19 became ScripMaster, a character-based computer software product. This was the first pharmacy management software released by Keycentrix, which included state-of-the-art features for its time, including patient profiles, business management, third-party reconciliation, an integrated Medi-Span drug database, and a wholesaler dictionary. In the early 2000s, ScripMaster became RxKey, a Windows-based platform designed specifically for independent retail pharmacies. In the late 2000s, Flextrax POS was added as one of the first FSA-ready point-of-sale systems for independent pharmacies.

In 2013, Keycentrix introduced Newleaf® pharmacy management software. Today, the company offers a recent version of this software for its customers. It combines with its Sendkey® patient engagement platform and the latest version of Flextrax™ POS to provide a truly comprehensive workflow, communication, and transactional system for the entire pharmacy. The unique key products and services include:

Newleaf® pharmacy management software, which is designed for single and multi-unit specialty, retail, mail-order, and DTC pharmacies. The core system manages workflow, communications, integrations, and patient care, all from one place. The strength of the system is the ability to access every part of the workflow from within the system, without the need to log into separate resources, such as the Medi-Span database or, for specialty pharmacies, TherigySTM.

“All of our features and configuration capabilities make Newleaf® pharmacy management software a comprehensive system designed to meet the unique needs of specialty, independent, mail-order, DTC, and retail pharmacies. Its flexibility means we can build it to reflect the needs of each unique pharmacy, for every stage of the process,” affirms Rodriguez.

Sendkey® patient engagement platform provides unified text, electronic faxing, voice communication, and email. It has options for automated patient and prescriber communications and allows for business rule triggers that integrate communications into existing workflows.

Flextrax™ pharmacy point-of-sale system is an integrated secure payment processing and patient forms point-of-sale system. It accommodates FSA and HSA, is IIAS compliant, and meets PCI standards.

“Something else that is incredibly important to us is our dedication to outstanding customer support. When we say we care about our customers, we prove it, with our 24/7 Help Desk, personalized implementation, and opportunities for ongoing training,” asserts Rodriguez. The team realizes that taking on a new operating system is a big task, and it wants to make sure that customers feel strong using it. “We’ve heard from many customers that transitioning to Newleaf® has been a virtually seamless process for them and that they’ve started seeing improvements right away.”

Customer-Centric Values

One of the top internal company values is a commitment to be open and honest with each other, maintaining candor while at the same time showing kindness. This translates into relationships with customers and makes them feel like they can approach company representatives and have honest conversations. Another internal company value centers around being passionate about what they do. Rodriguez says, “We are technologists who deeply believe in the value of technology that works, so we work hard to develop solutions that will dramatically improve results for our customers.”That commitment is one of the many reasons why the company’s customer satisfaction rate stays consistently high at 98%, compared to the healthcare industry benchmark of 96%.

Keycentrix builds client relationships by earning their trust, offering them outstanding customer support, and providing them with superior and reliable technology solutions. The system is built to adapt as pharmacies gain additional stores and as they transition, such as from independent retail to specialty pharmacy, which can be defined as anything harder than traditional retail.

Future Roadmap

The future of Keycentrix is bright. It aims to provide the pharmacy and healthcare industries with technology products that increase interoperability while helping pharmacies operate more efficiently and maintain the highest degrees of security and patient care.

“We also continue to look at ways to better support pharmacies and pharmacists as they face pressures and challenges in the market. We have some innovative ideas in our roadmap as well as strategic investments on the horizon that will put us in a position to meaningfully help independent pharmacies grow,” concludes Rodriguez.

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