Dr Sannoufi

Reham Sannoufi, President and Co-Founder, La Vie Executive Healthcare Center

“Prevention is better than cure”— this is a known fact to everyone but barely anyone follows it. Today, most of us get caught up in today’s busy and changed lifestyle and put our health and wellness on the backburner until it takes a noticeable turn for the worse. As a result, there has been a continuous increase in diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac ailments, and cancer. In fact, according to NCBI, about one in three Canadians live with at least one major chronic disease.

“All too often more attention is paid to automobile maintenance than to the protection of personal health,” says Dr. Hassan Sannoufi, MD, CCFP, EM Founder and Medical Director of La Vie Health Centre, a leading private health and wellness services provider .La Vie Health Centre was incepted in 2007 to address this issue by offering a wide range of pro-active, comprehensive, and convenient wellness programs for individuals and families. Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, with affiliate and partner locations in all major cities in Canada, the company helps patients to reduce or eliminate the threat of several ailments by implementing personalized plans for disease prevention and modification.

Focusing on Early Detection, Prevention, and Reverse Aging

Early detection increases the chances of available treatment options, the survival rate of patients, and a better quality of life. Thus, La Vie follows a unique, proactive approach to identify early signs of potential illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, or cardiovascular disease through comprehensive screening, proactive testing, and lifestyle modifying and implement personalized strategies for disease-modification.

Its medical assessment includes a comprehensive review of all previous medical history health care records, family history, blood work, stress testing, heart, hearing, vision tests, a comprehensive diet and fitness assessment, and a detailed physical exam conducted by Canada’s leading physicians. If required, an electronic second opinion is also taken from physicians at global facilities such as the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Affiliated Hospitals. Thus, at La Vie, patients receive a far more intensive check-up that most family doctors are unable to deliver during a relatively brief 20-to-30-minute office visit.

“La Vie is the only facility in Canada where patients spend an hour and a half to two hours with the physician during the Comprehensive Physical. Our patients address all issues and concerns and have enough time to remember every detail needed by the physician to assess risk; this is the real value and the biggest differentiator for La Vie,” explains Dr. Sannoufi.

Besides early detection, prevention also plays a major role in reducing the risk of several illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases. In fact, according to WHO, 30 to 50% of cancer scan be prevented through a healthy lifestyle and policies that protect the public. Hence, La Vie gives equal importance to the prevention of disease in its wellness program.

But its approach does not end at early detection and prevention. Indeed, it strives to provide the patients with a comprehensive healthcare solution for life which includes vigorous medical testing, a functional medical approach, and a personalized medical plan for reverse aging. Being a leader in the field of anti-aging medicine, La Vieis also dedicated to detect, treat, and prevent diseases associated with aging.

Offering Year-Round-Care for Individuals and Corporations

The pioneering company provides year-round-care for families and corporations with 24/7 concierge health assistance and guaranteed appointments at any location within 24 hours. Its experienced physicians quickly assess the emergency risks and decide whether the problem needs a hospital visit or not. If a visit is required, the La Vie team sends all vital medical information electronically to the hospital even before the arrival of patients. This helps hospital staff to eliminate unnecessary testing and makes the visit shorter, more efficient, and much more comfortable for patients and staff.

La Vie works with the organizations that understand that healthy employees improve business results and who are committed to ensuring their high performing employees have access to the same level of health care professionals. Its organization wellness program, independent medical assessment services, and mobile healthcare services are designed to deliver improved health outcomes for employees whether it’s through consistent care, a thorough evaluation, or preventative support. The company also provides corporations with 24/7 virtual care covering employees all over Canada with a team of family doctors and specialists. During COVID-19, La Vie made virtual care services available to corporate employees and their families at a reduced rate to enhance the productivity and wellbeing of corporations during the pandemic.

“Our Corporate Health and Wellness Programs are designed to eliminate and reduce health risk factors through a time-efficient and proactive approach because we understand that time management is a major contributor to business success,” asserts Dr. Sannoufi.

Poised To Make the World Healthier and Happier

When it comes to the future, La Vie has several key strategic initiatives in its pipeline to make the world healthier. Currently, it is working towards its goal of helping the cooperation’s by sending its nurses to corporate sites to do weekly routine COVID-19 testing to employees so that the health and wellbeing of employees and the productivity of the corporations are taken care of. It aims to achieve this by making personal health a priority for business leaders through proactive corporate wellness programs.

Today, it has a preventive team of over 20 on-site medical and health professionals and over 50 virtual care professionals committed to delivering quality health care at the highest standards. With such a highly driven competent team and efficient corporate health and wellness programs that are designed to eliminate and reduce health risk factors through a proactive approach, the company is confident to accomplish its ultimate goal of improving the standard of healthcare.

“Our ultimate goal is to early detect any medical alerts and remain committed to providing individuals with the most advanced and highest standard of health care available anywhere while maintaining our values of quality, integrity, discretion, and privacy,” affirms Dr. Sannoufi on a concluding note.

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