The Neuraxpharm Company has presented LepsiApp, the first medical prescription application in Spain that helps improve epilepsy management. The telemedicine solution, available for IOS and Android, has a double objective: to help patients to have a better knowledge of their health status, and to offer innovative solutions to medical professionals to improve treatment adherence. 

“Neuraxpharm is firmly committed to finding solutions to improve the quality of life of patients with diseases of the Central Nervous System, such as epilepsy. In the current healthcare context, LepsiApp was born as a solution that facilitates the monitoring of people with epilepsy and the doctor-patient relationship, offering precision technology to improve disease management ”, explains Luis Poveda, Marketing at Neuraxpharm.

The pandemic caused by the Covid -19 is indirectly affecting all those patients with previous pathologies. For people who suffer from epilepsy – some 300,000 in Spain – the follow-up of their case is key to a good approach to the disease. According to recent studies and depending on the hospital center, between 30 and 60% of Spanish patients suffering from this neurological disorder has reported experiencing difficulties in communicating with their neurologist during confinement. In the last year, 2 out of 10 have not gone to the emergency room during this period for fear of catching it and 10% said they did not have medication for epilepsy available in pharmacies.

Dr. Mar Carreno, president of the Spanish Epilepsy Society and director of the Epilepsy Unit of the Hospital Clínic in Barcelona, says, “During the last year, visits with specialists and fundamental diagnostic tests for the treatment of people with epilepsy have been delayed. This pathology is characterized by a predisposition to suffer recurrent epileptic seizures, which makes monitoring the disorder key to improving their quality of life.” He further adds, “The current context of the pandemic has highlighted the need for the implementation of telemedicine solutions for the therapeutic approach of patients with epilepsy. The technological innovations like this allow safe and uninterrupted patient-physician communication.”

LepsiApp is an application designed by health professionals and aimed at facilitating better patient monitoring. With prior authorization from the patient, the application will share with the reference neurologist the evolution of their crises and treatments in real-time, allowing better advice from the medical staff.

“This application will be of great help for patients and doctors in the monitoring of epilepsy, especially when it comes to explaining their medical history and the details of new seizures. Neuraxpharm’s proposal makes it possible to connect data entered by patients with healthcare professionals. Thanks to this innovation, professionals can have relevant and continuous information on their patients, and, consequently, offer tailor-made solutions, ” highlights Dr. Javier Salas Puig, member of the Epilepsy Unit at the Vall d’Hebron Research Institute (VHIR) and LepsiApp promoter.

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