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With the improvement of technological devices in all professional areas, the health segment could not be left out either. On the contrary, it was one of the most benefited with medical apps. Increasingly, advances in technology benefit medicine in several aspects, whether in exams, reports, agendas, care and contact with patients, financial and health team management, among many others. These technologies are often present in the form of medical apps, which facilitate the daily lives of these professionals. Keep reading this article and get to know the main ones!

Technology makes life a lot easier, both personally and professionally. It is practically impossible, today, to see yourself without the instantaneousness of WhatsApp, Facebook connections, or, still, living in a world without the answers immediately provided by Google, with every little question we have. And why not take advantage of this facility to improve service? For doctors and clinic managers, it is worth (and a lot) to try applications in the area. 

In this sense, here we have selected the best medical apps, so you can start using your clinic as soon as possible!


Medscape is an application that all doctors should have on their smartphones. In addition to containing information on all known diseases, with diagnoses, treatments, exams, among other information, there is also a section with updated news from the world of medicine. This app already accounts for more than five million users worldwide and is recognized by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration), the American agency that controls medicines and foods.


This is an application that was not designed specifically for the medical field. But it meets the daily needs of health professionals very well. In it, it is possible to organize notes, presentations, images, flowcharts, and much other information the way the user wants. All content is available offline. The app is compatible with desktop, IOS, and Android.


Epocrates is a medical app that has a large collection of important information. Only a part of them is available for free download and, to have access to the complete database, it is necessary to pay. In addition to data related to medications, the tool also assists in functions such as calculating BMI, LDL, anion gap, and serum osmolarity, among other functions.

Disease Dictionary Model

This application consists of a free medical dictionary containing detailed information and description of different medical disorders. It offers the definitions, symptoms, causes and treatment of the main diseases. In addition to being a practical guide that serves as a medical reference because it covers all medical terminologies and abbreviations, it includes a dictionary with pharmaceutical products and information on medications, interactions and side effects they may have. It has the benefit of working without an Internet connection.


Privacy and security issues remain a constant concern when it comes to mobile health. More research is needed on measures to minimize risk, privacy, and security in mobile health. Even so, applicability in this area must be incorporated into health systems under the potential for benefits it can provide. Raising awareness and offering technology literacy training are ways to reduce privacy and security risks caused by participants and increase participation in mobile health. Many security features require end-user participation, and therefore the necessary training can help ensure security.

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