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Grahame Aston, Managing Director, PPC Moulding Services

The healthcare domain has undergone a transformation in recent years with an increasing demand for cost-effective and quality healthcare. This has, in turn, kindled the medical device manufacturers to create more effective medical equipment while controlling price increases. Rightly complimenting the need of the hour, several prominent companies in the medical equipment manufacturing sector are striving to create products that accurately meet the changing customer demands and stringent quality requirements.

But one innovative company that has been constantly maintaining its leading position in the market by consistently offering the highest quality design and production service at a competitive price is PPC Moulding Services (PPCMS).Based in Western Sydney, NSW, the pioneering company offers a leading-edge tool design and manufacturing combined with in-depth materials technology and customer applications engineering. It is also recognized as a leading manufacturer of plastic injection molds for the medical device industry.

Genesis of PPCMS

PPCMS began its journey back in October 2007 when a medical device manufacturing industry veteran, Grahame Aston acquired Moulding Services Plastics to establish a precision-based plastic injection molding company. With a new name, new management, and a new vision for the future, PPCMS set out on the path to success. The new business quickly grew from 18 people and 14 machines to today employing nearly 300 people with 52 machines, running 24hrs a day for 5.5 days per week. The strong vision and indomitable leadership of Aston along with the consistent efforts of its competent team allowed the company to see rapid growth in the market.

Initially, when Aston identified a niche in the market that was untapped with no real focus from Australian suppliers, the company started developing Silicone over moulding on plastic and metal substrates. In 2009, it manufactured its first tools to over mould LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) onto a polycarbonate substrate creating an integrated seal.

“When I showed our early prototypes to European toolmakers and molders their first comments were wow, so this was an achievement that we are proud of. I believe that it is in our DNA as Australians to find new ways to make things as we are just so far away, but really talented,” says Aston. Today PPCMS over mould thousands of parts using this method every week.

Conquering Challenges since the Very Beginning

PPCMS has steadily progressed over the years to emerge as a leader in the industry. However, as with any success story, PPCMS’ growth was not without challenges. Initially, the company had to overcome numerous hurdles along the way to reach where it is today. When the business started outgrowing current premises, it had to relocate to a new site, and finding a new home closely located to a manufacturing workforce was quite challenging for the company.

Another critical challenge that the firm had to face is to keep up with the low-cost markets in the injection molding sector. To address this challenge, PPCMS implemented new technologies, robotics/automation to add value over adding cost. Today, the company has embraced Industry 4.0 by introducing automation cells, robots on all new machines, and taking on new technologies to stand apart as a quality medical device manufacturer.

“There is no doubt that the road traveled over the years has thrown us challenges and opportunities. We faced the challenges head-on and embraced the opportunities which have led us to where we are today,” asserts Aston.

Deliveringa Comprehensive Turn-Key Package

PPCMS understands that its customer needs more than just molding and hence it offers a complete turn-key package starting from design to production all under one roof. With over 20 years of experience in designing plastic injected molded parts and products, the leading firm is able to offer reliable consulting design services to help its customers achieve their product requirements, essentially covering everything from concept to dispatch. It manages all facets of the development cycle, including prototyping and transition to tooling and production to ensure a seamless development process. Equipped with the latest technologies in robotic and automation, the company is also able to offer smart production services with optimal performance, precision, quality, and reliability which are critical in the medical device sector.

Embracing a Culture of Adaptability

Resilience and adaptability have long been the keys to business growth. Possessing these attributes in its culture, PPCMS has been able to rise above the challenges thrown by the Covid-19 crisis. Looking at the growing need for Ventilators and Masks among its customers amid this pandemic, the company has shifted its focus for a while to meet the requirements. Having 30 years of experience in the sleep disorder breathing market, Aston has an in-depth understanding of the process of making Ventilators, Flow Generators, Humidifiers, Tubes, and Masks. Leveraging this experience combined with the know-how of the expert team at PPCMS, they have designed and manufactured new Cleanable, Sealing, re-usable masks to help keep everyone safe when out and about.

“We have just released our first product, an Air pollution mask that we believe is possibly the most comfortable wearing mask on the market today. Our new mask called Mask buddy has been tested and approved to P2 level, EN 149, and ANS/NZ 1716 standards,” affirms Aston.

Establishing Strong Synergies with Its Customers

Being a customer-centric company, PPCMS works closely with its customers to ensure that all details are captured and all the project planning and implementation are on point. The company believes that the stronger the collaboration the better the projects run. However, in recent times, this has been challenged with no face to face meetings with the reliance being on digitized platforms.

“While these have worked well, the little details can often be overlooked. Thus, we run project management software with all meetings being minuted and shared at the conclusion of each meeting. This way we ensure that everyone has the chance to review ensuring that nothing is missed,” explains Aston.

PPCMS’ strong commitment to customer satisfaction can also be seen in its extensive approach to address its customers’ needs. In 2013, when one of its major customers requested to look for alternative manufacturing sites to reduce costs and lead times, the company began its effort to find a second manufacturing home outside of Sydney, Australia. Finally, Aston identified Malaysia as a stable and great option and set up a factory in Johor Bahru just across the border from Singapore. It was close to the customer in Singapore, so delivery was simplified, getting there was also easy with many flights between Sydney and Singapore each day and so the plan was born.

Envisioning a Strong Future Ahead

With best-in-class technology, a customer-centric approach, and an adaptable business model, PPCMS has come a long way since its inception. Delineating his views on the impressive growth of the company, Aston states, “The growth was quite rapid with my 5-year plan quickly being rethought. And within 2 years of setting up the factory, we relocated again to a brand-new Industrial resort park called Senai Airport City. We now occupy 3 factories there with over 10,000sqm of space.”

Looking ahead, the company believes that there are more opportunities ahead and hence aims to stay prepared to adopt the new opportunities to accelerate its growth while continuing its legacy of quality. “We are now looking at our next 5-year plan with future expansion. We foresee more opportunities rising so the key plan is to be on the front foot to not miss these opportunities as they arise. Working collaboratively with our customers we are confident of a strong future ahead,” concludes Aston.

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