Mark Wrigley, Executive Vice President, Rosti

Medical and life science products play a critical role in the health, safety, and wellbeing of patients. As such, ensuring the quality of the products and the components throughout the manufacturing process starting from design to final inspection is essential. Therefore, it is vital to partner with a reliable plastic injection mould company that emphasizes on quality and creates safe and durable products. One such prominent company that is dedicated to providing optimal injection moulding services for each and every part of the production process, from concept development all the way through to delivery with the highest levels of accuracy and reliability is Rosti. Founded in Denmark by two industry veterans, Rolf Fahrenholtz and StigJørgensen, Rosti Group is a global injection-moulding company and contract manufacturer to some of the world’s leading manufacturers in the packaging, consumer appliances, business machines, home automation, medical and automotive sectors. Its ISO 13485 Medical facilities, ISO 14644-1 certified classroom, solid quality systems, and robust and validated precision manufacturing processes make it a global, agile, and trusted partner for many producers of life science devices. The production environment at Rosti includes ‘white rooms’ to certified cleanroom class 8 environment (ISO-14644-1) to meet specific customers’ requirements. Each of its products is designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards in safety, quality, and environmental sustainability. Such utmost level of care and attention to detail makes it ideally optimal for life science product manufacturing and packaging.

Rosti in its Wake

Rosti’s history of precision plastic injection moulding solutions roots back to 1944 when it began the production of buttons through injection moulding, shortly after the Second World War. This innovative and relatively new method provided increased production at a lower cost compared to conventional press moulding. Over time, the company grew and in 2010, its industrial division with activities in Europe and Asia was acquired by Nordstjernan, a Swedish family-controlled investment company and one of Sweden’s largest industrial conglomerates.

Speaking of the positive impact of the acquisition, Mark Wrigley, the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Rosti affirms, “Ownership has provided us with the benefits of resources, financial security and the solid reputation of both past and present partners. In turn, this provides our customers with security and peace of mind.” Today, Rosti stands tall as an international organization, with about 3000 employees working at production sites and offices across Europe and Asia.

A Dependable Partner in Uncertain Times

As a company, Rosti has traditionally taken a conservative financial approach that allows it to operate from a position of stability and become a dependable partner to its customers even during a crisis. This approach continues to this day, with its secure position being bolstered by its relationship with Nordstjernan, a Swedish family-controlled, ethically strong, long-term investment company. In addition to its financial strength, Rosti has years of institutional and operational experience which makes it one of the most sought-after companies for plastics injection moulding and contract manufacturing. “Since 1944, we have succeeded by operating with integrity, excellence, and in close relationships with our partners. We have prospered for 75 years, and we intend to continue for at least another 75,” opines Mark.

Bringing Value to Customers

It’s not just the manufacturing, technological, and management capability that put Rosti ahead of its competitors. It’s the way the company brings value to its customer through active listening and supporting them to overcome their current and future challenges is what makes it a go-to partner in the market. Along with accredited facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and experienced people, Rosti also brings passion, a medical mindset, innovative thinking with a long-term partnership, and a high customer focus mentality. “At Rosti, we emphasize certain core values: passion, integrity, partnership, and excellence. We invest in our people, in our systems, and in innovation to maintain a competitive advantage in our industry. Our ethos is to bring customer solutions from Concept to Reality,” asserts Mark.

According to Mark, Rosti’s greatest strength lies in its people that are open to walk the extra mile to fulfill customer expectations. Hence, the company strives to empower its employees by providing them with an exciting work environment, along with many opportunities for professional and personal development.

The Way Forward

Two years ago, Rosti invested 1MEUR into a new innovation lab in Asia and has recently made a second 1MUER investment and built a further innovation lab in Europe. It has also recently expanded into North America where a third innovation lab is being built. Rosti’s state-of-the-art innovation labs help to bring concepts to reality in just 72 hours. Each lab has a dedicated team of engineers who combine technical and production expertise to support customers in agile development programs that deliver ideas to market more rapidly and cost-effectively than traditional technologies.

“We are an agile, resourceful player that is big enough to deliver on large-scale projects, yet small enough to focus on flexibility and care to meet all your needs. From single components to finished goods, Rosti offers a diverse portfolio of services. With precision, performance, flexibility, and care at the core of everything we do, Rosti is shaping a brighter future,” concludes Mark.