MALAYSIA; Feb 23, 2022 – Private healthcare company, Columbia Asia Sdn Bhd offers a medical service on a full remote platform. This allows existing patients as well as new patients to consult a doctor via video or phone call. This way, patients can receive medical advice or opinion, including drug prescriptions — without being on hospital grounds. On top of that, medicine is delivered by respective Columbia Asia hospital right to the patient’s doorstep. 

Apart from the apparent convenience of saving patients’ travel time, it also provides continuity of medication where patients do not even have to go to the hospital. 

“We offer telehealth services, making it especially suitable for those with long-term chronic medical conditions without the need to be physically present at the hospital,” says Kelvin Tan, Chief Executive Officer of Columbia Asia – Southeast Asia. “Our tagline, A Passion for Making People Better, implies a deep-rooted desire to give our professional best to our patients.”

In this new norm, where social distancing is a wise and safe practice, the conscious effort to minimize public movement and unnecessary close contacts, can serve the patient well. 

We believe that an enhanced telehealthcare system offers real convenience for our patients whilst meeting their healthcare needs in this present pandemic environment. It is much needed at a time when hospitals are trying to reduce patient traffic on its premises. Some people are worried about visiting hospitals but this service will put their anxieties to rest as there will be no more delays in treatment and medicine prescriptions. This will be significantly beneficial to the elderly and high-risk patients. For those who have had surgeries at their respective Columbia Asia hospital, follow-up appointments can be carried out via this telehealth service, whenever it is appropriate.

The mechanics of Columbia Asia Telehealth service is straightforward and user-friendly. Any medicine will be delivered free of charge for medication costing more than RM50 within a 20km radius. 

A broad scope of medical disciplines from Columbia Asia hospitals are on this telehealth platform to offer this service to their patients.

Eleven Columbia Asia hospitals are onboard this platform with a total of 60 consultants from various medical disciplines. The medical areas covered are pediatrics, obstetrics & gynecology, cardiology, orthopedics, internal medicine, ear nose throat, ophthalmology, general surgery, gastroenterology, hepatology and nephrology. Also included is the latest addition to medical disciplines at Columbia Asia; oncology plus oncology-related disciplines, namely palliative medicine and hematology. 

“This platform is an end-to-end virtual healthcare service,” adds Kelvin. “It is the way forward towards healthcare in the future. Not only are you able to access medical services from the comfort of your home, but technology has made it possible for you to reach out to your preferred brand of healthcare from anywhere in the world.”

For more information on Columbia Asia’s Telehealth services, log onto or call Columbia Asia Marcomm Manager, Sakinah Aljunid at 03-5521 5151 or email 

About Columbia Asia  

Incorporated in Malaysia in 1996, international private hospital company Columbia Asia Sdn Bhd opened its first hospital in 1997. Today, Columbia Asia offers 19 operational medical facilities across Asia with 13 in Malaysia. 

Owner of Columbia Asia Group of hospitals in Malaysia, Indonesia & Vietnam is a partnership between Malaysian-based conglomerate, Hong Leong Group and leading global alternative asset firm, TPG. 

Columbia Asia hospitals offer cost-effective medical services by setting up mid-sized hospitals in residential areas, making quality private healthcare affordable and accessible with no compromise on the quality of healthcare, amenities and medical skills. On top of that, our hospitals’ structure and model have evolved behind its simplicity. It leads the way forward in private healthcare trends of the future – efficient and cost-effective.

We have a Passion for Making People Better.