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Dr. Nersi Nazari, Founder, VitalConnect

The healthcare industry is undergoing monumental changes with the advancement of technology. These advancements not only contribute to healthcare organizations’ success but also forge a path towards better patient out comes and the comprehensive well-being of society. Realizing this, many prominent companies across the globe have been leveraging technology and bringing in innovative solutions to improve patient care while increasing the operational efficiency of healthcare organizations.

One such pioneering company that is redefining the standard of healthcare through its unique technology-driven healthcare solutions is VitalConnect. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, VitalConnect is a leader in wearable biosensor technology for wireless patient monitoring in both hospital and remote patient populations. Leveragingits extensive expertise in biomedical engineering, data analytics, chip design, and mobile and cloud software, this leading company creates technology that supports decision-making paradigms for better health and economic outcomes.

Origin of VitalConnect and the VitalPatch

VitalConnect was founded in 2011 by Dr. Nersi Nazari with a vision to change the paradigm of healthcare. His goal was to develop a band-aid sized patch that captures key patient vitals, creatinga new world of information with predictive data analytics to provide caregivers with the information they need to advance patient outcomes and minimize the cost of delivering healthcare.

“Never before has the delivery of patient health information been done in such a small—yet powerful—device”. In combination with a web-enabled relay device and VitalConnect’s Vista Solution platform, up to 11 critical vital signs can be measured and monitored continuously and in real-time for a variety of purposes. The VitalPatch can also be utilizedfor cardiac monitoring as it can monitor for and detect various cardiac arrhythmia. “VitalConnect enables a new and advanced way to deliver healthcare to patients who need it,” elucidatesDr. Nazari.

VitalConnect is also engaged in numerous partnerships with other leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies to provide the healthcare industry with the predictive data analytics it needs to reduce expenses, increase efficiency, provide better care—and most important of all, to enhance and save lives.

Playing a Critical Role in Improving Patient Care

VitalConnect offers patients a state-of-the-art biosensor which captures an unprecedented amount of patient information. It relays information in real-time to help monitor patient ECGs, up to 11 different vitalsigns and cardiac arrhythmias. Real-time monitoring enables patients to potentially recover from various ailments remotely, or not in the hospital. Meanwhile, it also helps healthcare organizations to stay connected with their patients inside and outside the hospital, relaying information to physicians so they’re able to provide an immediate response when required. Thus, the role of VitalConnect has become even more critical amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic as it can help lower-risk patients to recover at home instead of the hospital while freeing up critical space in hospitals for patients who need it. With its VitalPatch technology, patients recovering remotely can be monitored for indicators of more significant COVID-19 symptoms and this can allow caregivers to modify treatment plans based on their recovery progress.

In addition to remote patient monitoring, the company also focuses on arrhythmia detection for cardiac patient care. In May, VitalConnect was granted emergency use authorization from the FDA for cardiac monitoring ofCOVID-19 patients in the hospital.

“Many COVID patients suffer from cardiac arrhythmias, either due to the virus or their medication. Our VistaCenter dashboard provides real-time data for all patients being monitored and can be securely accessed from any computer or mobile device,” explains Dr. Nazari.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Apart from its distinctive innovative solutions, what differentiatesVital Connect from its competitors is its unwavering commitment to physicians and their patients. The customer-centric company constantly strives to make its products better, more efficient, and more patient and physician-friendly.

“Not only do we try to deliver on the mission of delighting our customers but we measure it as well. VitalConnect has maintained 100% customer satisfaction as measured by customer surveys,” says Dr. Nazari.

Additionally, the company assigns a technical account manager and sales and customer success teams to each of its customers to maintain a strong client relationship to assure their ongoing satisfaction and to garner feedback for continuous improvement.

“We go to great lengths to listen to our customers and continually strive to improve our processes, operations, and products to better fit our customers’ needs and desires,” adds Dr. Nazari.

Fostering an Empowering Work Culture

Driven by the passion for healthcare, and love for technology, the dedicated team at VitalConnect always strives to constantly provide its customers with quality products that can improve their workflow and patient outcomes. Thecollaborative and empowered work environment of the companyenables its enthusiastic team to maximize their potential and contribute the most to the success of the company.

“The patient stories about our product savings and improving lives energize and motivate our passion for healthcare, verifying why we all chose to work in the healthcare technology industry, affirms Dr. Nazari.” The company also provides 100% paid health benefits for its employees and all of their dependents.

Continues Pursuing Excellence and Innovation Moving into the future, the company intends to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation to further improve its solution to dramatically increase the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare. Currently, it is working on several strategic initiatives including the use of physician defined analytics and predictive analytics utilizing AI with big data. The company is also focusing on incorporating additional integrated sensors in VitalPatcah to deliver better workflow to support its remote patient monitoring business and its expansion into other therapy areas. Most recently VitalConnect announced a move into the a new space, with the initiation of the TELESTAR-TAVR trial, to evaluate the impact of remote patient monitoring on clinical outcomes, readmission rates, and patient satisfaction following a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedure.

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