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Fabian D’Souza, President and Founder, Boston Strategic Partners

It’s no secret that the healthcare and life sciences industry is complex. With hundreds of regulations, daily developments in diagnosis, treatment, and medication, healthcare, and life sciences firms have to tackle a lot. Meanwhile ,its evolving and increasingly competitive landscape also creates several new challenges for the firms in terms of increased pricing pressure, uncertain market access dynamics, and evolving consumer behavior. Thus, to thrive in this fast-changing environment, they need effective strategic planning, clinical planning, financial advisory, sufficient knowledge, and exposure to statutory compliances. Realizing this, several prominent advisory and consulting service providers are coming to the forefront to help these firms overcome these multitudinous challenges and contribute significantly to the process of improving healthcare. One such leading global advisory firm is Boston Strategic Partners (BSP).

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Fabian D’Souza, BSP offers a broad suite of services including Business and Clinical Strategy, Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR), Medical and Technical Communications, Regulatory Strategy and Financial Advisory exclusively to the life sciences industry.

The Beginning of BSP

The journey of BSP began when Dr. D’Souza sensed the need for a broader service offering in the life sciences sector. His vision was to establish a company that will not just focus on providing strategy but also on health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) and medical communications. To realize this goal, he built a team of consultants who could provide services at a global level, and finally a unique business model with lower overhead, so that they could price their services more competitively. Thus, BSP was born and today it stands tall as a pioneer in the life-sciences consulting sector for its highly efficient and economical professional services.

“We have been embracing change way ahead of our peers. Seven years ago, we made significant investments in building a data team with world-class big-data analytic skills, and that has paid us significant returns,” says Dr. D’Souza.

Recently the firm has developed a variety of offerings that address evolving areas of digital health and incorporating techniques like Machine Learning to help its clients develop greater predictive capabilities.

Delivering Revolutionary Spectrum of Services

Being a leading consulting firm, BSP takes time to listen and truly understand the current state of organizations and enables them to make the right decisions by providing robust analytics and recommendations tailored to their individual needs. The financial advisory team at BSP has a unique combination of technical and operational experience and this enables them to provide clients with in-depth knowledge of the financial challenges along with operational and regulatory challenges. The practicable strategy solutions of the company are based on a solid understanding of the issue, market dynamics, and other relevant factors to ensure complete client satisfaction.

“Our clients appreciate us for our timely responses, professionalism, accountability, and high-quality work. Our flexible work approaches enable clients to get results on the budget. Our teams’ combination of relevant scientific content and business/analytic skills produces results for our clients; we hit the ground running on every project,” states Dr. D’Souza.

To further ensure the success of its clients in the increasingly informed digital world, BSP enables them to develops high-impact communications targeted at corporate stakeholders, the scientific community, and even the general public. Its broad portfolio includes journal publications, conference posters, white papers, and other communications materials to ensure seamless delivery of even the most complex content through a suitable medium to the intended audience

When Clients and Employees are First Priority

BSP attributes its success and reputation in the industry to its strong client relationship that it has established over the years through its top-notch service.

“Strong client relationships underpin our success more than any other factor. In fact, 95% of our clients hire us again, and 90% of our business comes from repeat business. Our biggest advertisement comes from our clients,” affirms Dr. D’Souza. According to him, the statement —‘We are great at what we do, therefore hire us’ does not achieve the level of traction that comes from one client who says to another, ‘I have worked with BSP, and I cannot recommend them enough!’

BSP always keeps its clients’ priorities at the forefront and strives to serve its client’s needs to the best of its ability. But at the same time, it also ensures that its employees are not overburdened with work. The company believes that employee-friendly workplace culture is critical for the success of any organization. Thus, it strives to foster an empowering and transparent work culture where employees are encouraged to express their views and ideas and reach their maximum potential. At BSP, each new hire is provided with a buddy and a mentor to help with their professional development.

Dr. D’Souza asserts, “We have always operated as a virtual organization and this has allowed us to offer employment to talented individuals regardless of their location, as well as helped recently during the COVID pandemic. But I do feel that establishing a more in-person rapport leads to even greater team spirit. We organize weekly virtual social events and endeavors to meet in person at least once in a year.

Continues To Grow Without Compromising the Quality

When it comes to the future, BSP will continue to empower the healthcare and life sciences firms through actionable insights while fueling its growth by incorporating new technological developments in its offering.

“Our future focus is to continue our growth without compromising on the quality of work or the quality of our professionals’ lives. While there are universally acknowledged drivers of growth such as revenue and profitability, we also define growth as incorporating new technological developments in our offering and enjoying what we do,” concludes Dr. D’Souza with an optimistic vision and enthusiasm.

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