Healthentia: Revolutionising Digital Care in Chronic Disease Management


Dr.Sofoklis Kyriazakos, Director, Healthentia The healthcare industry is currently going through a profound transformation, driven by technological advancements and a resolute commitment to patient-centric care. As the demand for improved clinical research trials and enhanced patient health outcomes continues to surge, innovative companies are stepping up to the plate, seizing the opportunity to make their […]

Mercer: Transforming Workplaces with Innovative Health and Wellness Strategies


Martine Feriand, President & CEO, Mercer A striking 87% of organizations acknowledge that the well-being and safety of their employees represent the foremost peril to their operations. This concern arises from the persistent risk posed by communicable diseases, including pandemics, and the imperative to address the escalating rates of heart disease, cancer, and mental health […]

TissueGnostics GmbH: Unlocking New Possibilities in Biomedical Research with Next-Generation Automated Tissue Cytometry Solutions

TissueGnostics GmbH - 1

DR Rupert Ecker, Co-Founder & Co-Owner, TissueGnostics GmbH We can send robots to Mars. We have machines that navigate the barren surface of another planet with ease, collecting samples, capturing breathtaking images, and transmitting vital data back to Earth. It’s absolutely mind-boggling to contemplate the awe-inspiring technology we possess right at our fingertips, isn’t it? […]

Stgilesmedical Ltd: Empowering Healthcare through Education and Information

Stgilesmedical Ltd

Dr Steven Walker, Director, Stgilesmedical Ltd Good healthcare requires information which is accurate and understandable. There is little point in undertaking great research if the findings fail to arrive where and when they are needed. Advancing patient care depends on interpreting what was done in the laboratory or at the bedside and translating this data […]

TOPCHIRO: Elevating care beyond health, touching lives beyond healthcare


Dr.Travis M.Corcoran, Founder, TOPCHIRO Nothing can appease humanity other than serving human beings, and nothing can pacify our souls without the love of humanity. Dr. Travis M. Corcoran, the founder of TOPCHIRO, a global name in chiropractic care, validates the statement with all its profundity and truthfulness. A compassionate soul dedicated to the wellness of […]

Neal Archbold: A Leader on a Quest to Make Digital Healthcare Accessible to All

Neal Archbold

Neal Archbold, CEO, MyPulse Passion, perseverance, courage, and dedication—these words define an entrepreneur. These aspects, combined with curiosity, creativity, and formulate a no-fail recipe for great leadership. True business leaders always look for creative ways to solve problems while changing the lives of millions of people for the better. They recognize the existing problems in […]

Nikky Kortbeek: A business evangelist blazing the path to a healthier life

Nikky Kortbee

Nikky Kortbeek, Co-Founder and CEO, Rhythm To quote Dennis Wait, “Time and health are two precious assets that we don’t recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted”. Human society has evolved much with time, but since “Health” remains an underrated subject of interest to date, it takes a lot of courage, patience, and perseverance […]

Jasper Schootstra: Resolving the Medicinal Wastage Crisis

Jasper Schootstra

Jasper Schootstra, Co-Founder, SJJ Solutions BV Healthcare is an effort to nurture patients towards good health. Considering that there are thousands of diverse illnesses affecting innumerable people in very complex ways, doctors encounter many challenges. For huge institutions and initiatives when lots of people and complex processes are common, the challenge becomes treating patients in […]