Marcelo Pereira

Marcelo Pereira, CEO, Oman International Hospital

Healthcare is the most indispensable asset of human life. A healthy community happens to be the backbone of a prosperous nation. A hale and hearty population directly contributes to a stronger economy. Building a patient care unit bearing the hallmark of a nation’s rich cultural heritage, and thereby setting the benchmark of a state-of-the-art medical treatment, is not child’s play. It entails result-driven planning, strategic management, and gilt-edged technology to give shape to such a magnificent idea of setting up a holistic community of patient care. Oman International Hospital has been conceived and designed with this lofty ideal of carrying forward the legacy of Oman, in healthcare. 

Oman International Hospital was founded in 2021, in collaboration with an experienced European hospital management group, composed of three diverse shareholders: Oman Brunei Investment Company, Suhail Bahwan Group, and Idealmed Global Healthcare Services (IGHS). With the assistance of a network of highly devoted and skilled medical professionals, renowned international doctors, sophisticated medical equipment, and cutting-edge technology in streamlining, OIH is committed to providing world-class treatment to the citizens of Oman as well as to the expatriate populace of the country, always in an ethical way. 

Salient features that creates a diaspora in the healthcare business 

There are always some extraordinary qualities or features that act as catalysts to the emerging success of an organization. Oman International Hospital is rated as one of the best healthcare units in Oman due to its top-notch quality treatment. There is a dedicated team of international doctors, who are also a part of the decision-making body of various international medical societies, linked to the prestigious medical schools and universities of Europe. Whenever there is a medical emergency, the doctors are readily available 24*7 either on-call or in-person in the best interest of the patients.

The unique process of streamlining a patient’s journey is another commendable method pioneered by the authority of Oman International Hospital. In the words of the CEO, “The hospital management, which is of European origin, focused on the patient journey and on streamlining processes.” He adds, “This translates in practice into a better quality-price ratio of our services, without ever compromising on quality.”

To keep pace with the modern demand in medical therapy, Oman International Hospital largely depends on its up-to-date training and education process that enables their personnel to conduct international calls much efficiently, and address critical healthcare issues crucial to the latest form of treatment imparted to its patients. Some of the many procedures already performed attest to the high degree of specialization, as this is the first time they have been performed in the country.

Areas of expertise and excellence

Oman International Hospital offers an extensive range of specialty services in different verticals. They have five modern “Centres of Excellence” which includes the Heart and Vascular Centre, the Ortho and Spine Department, the Oman Vision Center, the Women & Children’s Centre, and the Derma and Cosmetic Centre. 

OIH maintains five operation theatres built on ultra-modern German technology, equipped with the most advanced airflow system in the country. The laboratory endowed with all the latest facilities ensures flawless imaging, which in turn guarantees a high level of accuracy in the diagnosis and detection of disease. 

As highlighted by the CEO, “Our multiple Check-Ups (from Premium to Oncologic) are very popular, and they are aligned with the highest international standards.” He further adds, “This attracts people from the entire region where they receive the best patient experience and advice when it comes to preventive healthcare.”  

The most eye-catching and captivating area of excellence may be the revolutionary Medical Spa, fully equipped with two hydrotherapy pools that can give the ultimate joy of rejuvenating shower therapy to its in-house patients. 

Mission and Vision of OIH

Oman International Hospital works in compliance with the international standard of excellence and is exclusively a patient-centric organization formed to address and to resolve the discerning needs of patients belonging to any age, class, or origin. 

As envisioned by the CEO, in near future, OIH is to be recognized as the foremost multidisciplinary private healthcare unit in Oman and extensive international relationships highly differentiated and capable of providing the necessary backup and support for the most complex and demanding cases, as well as an excellent working atmosphere. This could also encourage medical experts and international organizations to join in and partner with OIH.

OIH: Trailblazing its way to an auspicious future

We can never cherish the victory that is thrown at us; the joy of success lies in overcoming challenges. Oman International Hospital has sustained many turbulent phases during its journey through the pernicious effects of Covid-19. But the brains behind this brand of healthcare project never gave up, never compromised with their relentless passion to grow big and create an impact. OIH aims to secure its position as the ultimate one-stop healthcare solution throughout the entire Middle East that is encouraged to take you on a peaceful journey of health tourism. The CEO reassures his audience of OIH’s crowning success paving the path to an unmatched leadership in the entire healthcare fraternity of Oman, thus gratifying the undisputed glory of the country- “After all, as someone once said, “Nothing is impossible until it is done”.