Centre for Digestive Diseases: On A Mission to Provide Patients with the Best Possible Care


Professor Thomas Borody, Medical Director & CDD Founder, Centre for Digestive Diseases Digestive disorders are debilitating,costly and increasingly on the rise around the world. In fact, according to a worldwide study conducted by the University of Gothenburg scientists, four out often adults, suffer from functional gastrointestinal disorders of varying severity. With the prevalence of many digestive disorders […]

MoveFree Physiotherapy: Empowering Recovery through a Holistic and Empathetic Approach

MoveFree Physiotherapy

Anand Sivayogam & Lee Char Ling, Directors, MoveFree Physiotherapy Recovering from a major accident, or reeling from a life-changing disease diagnosis can be a complex, emotional, and winding journey. Especially for patients with injuries and elderly patients who had bone diseases and underwent orthopedic surgeries, the road to recovery often becomes bumpy or filled with […]

ISRC: A Leading ISO Management System Training & Consultancy Provider


Edmund Ng, Director, ISRC Established in 2010, ISRC Pte. Ltd is a trusted safety and standards consultancy and training partner. The company provides consultancy and training in ISO standards and Workplace Safety and Health (WSH). With more than a decade of industry experience, the ISRC team provides valuable insights into projects, meeting the most stringent […]

Motic Digital Pathology: Making Digital Pathology Approachable and Accessible For Everyone

Motic Digital Pathology

Nicholas Chan, Director, Digital Pathology Digital pathology has tremendous potential to disrupt the practice of pathology. It holds a great deal of promise when it comes to delivering improved patient care including faster test results and ease in seeking a second opinion. The sharing of digital slides and their associated data makes access to professionals […]

NATA: Fostering the Improvement in Testing Services in Australia


Jennifer Evans, CEO, NATA The importance of accreditation in healthcare cannot be overstated. Though every healthcare organization establishes some sort of internal standards for operations, accreditation by a reputable authoritative bodyensures that your organization complies with relevant national and international standardsof quality and safety. Patients who enter the health care system—whether a hospital, medical clinic, […]

AHMC: Committed To Delivering Accessible and World-Class Healthcare Services to All


Andres M. Licaros, Jr President & CEO, Asian Hospital and Medical Center (AHMC) Healthcare has emerged as a leading issue in today’s world. The rapidly escalating life-threatening diseases are placing an enormous burden on society and the health system, challenging humanity at large. Adding to the increasing global health burden is the pandemic which has […]

Iida Clinic: Improving the Quality of Life by Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology

Iida Clinic

Shizuka Iida, MD, Ph.D, Chief Director, Iida Clinic The leading hemodialysis centers have been providing specialized services to the patients even during the challenging times of the pandemic. These hospitals leave no stones unturned to ensure that the patients are provided with the best healthcare and treatment facilities. One such noteworthy super specialty hospital that […]