Smart Home Gyms: The Future of Fitness

Smart Home Gyms

Technology continues to encroach on all industries, particularly fitness and home fitness technology. There is new technology everywhere you look, from cardio machines with remote trainer controls to all-in-one workout mirrors. As with any advancement, some long-time exercise enthusiasts and fitness professionals are skeptical. You can create custom workout programs tailored to your specific fitness […]

Methods to Build a Successful Hybrid Fitness Offering


We learned during the COVID-19 pandemic that fitness is important for everyone, and digital fitness is not going away. Many industries have struggled during this period, and businesses must adapt in order to survive. In that situation, the fitness industry did what it needed to do and ran a hybrid fitness business. We can broaden […]

The Role of AI in Healthcare


The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare industry has been revolutionary, reshaping the way we diagnose, treat, and monitor patients. AI is being used to deploy efficient and precise inventions that will help take care of patients and find a solution for them in diseases such as cancer and radiology. Using AI technology […]

The Future of Healthcare Technology

The Future of Healthcare Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic was a terrifying event that had an impact on every sector of society. The sudden rise in the number of affected people had the biggest impact on the healthcare sector. The situation was significantly worse at one point when there were more patients suffering from the coronavirus and the same number of […]

Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring : What is the Difference ?

Remote patient monitoring

The time when a patient had to be monitored from the hospital until they were fully recovered and monitored is long past. A doctor can monitor a patient from the comfort of their home thanks to technologies like RPM and telehealth. You could not be more mistaken if you believe that telehealth and remote patient […]

Superfoods: Are They Really Worth The Hype?


The superfood craze has been gaining a lot of steam lately. But why is it so? Do they have some sort of superpower? Can they fly or read your mind? Of course not! It’s simply a modern label given to foods that are believed to be nutrient-rich and good for health. Social media is often […]

Why it is necessary that you maintain a good posture at work

good posture at work

How much time does an average man spend in his office in a lifetime? Approximately 90,000 hours! When calculated to years, it adds up to be a little over 10 years.  Not only do we spend a significant part of our life working, it is done in the prime years of our life. Hence our […]

A life of perpetual effort: Living with PCOS

Living with PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS has emerged as one of the most common hormonal issues among women of child bearing age. Almost one in ten women have reported some or all the symptoms characteristic of PCOS.A hormonal disbalance, PCOS is a condition wherein the ovaries produce large amounts of androgen or male sex hormones.  The […]

Are you getting enough sleep?

Get Enough Sleep

We have almost been convinced that you cannot sleep enough to your success. The sacrifice of sleep, in order to achieve success is a romanticised idea in cultures across the globe, giving birth to idioms and phrases like ‘burning the midnight lamp’ or ‘burning the candles at both ends’. We see it as an important […]

Medics transplanted a pig’s kidney to a human body and it worked!

Kidney transplants

A New York based medical centre, Langone Health, achieved a major breakthrough in the world of organ transplant. The medics successfully transplanted a pig’s kidney to a human body without triggering the immune system to reject the organ. This was achieved by altering the animal’s genes so that its tissues no longer contained a molecule […]